How to have CLAD renew an ad using "Renew" button in Craigslist account?

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Created On: 11 Jul 2011 3:32 AM

Answer You need to set posting mode to "Renew" in the ad properties, and CLAD will post your ad once, then will wait 48 hours, log in to account and try to click on Renew button.
Additionally, the following conditions must be met for the renew to happen:
1. The post you want to renew must be published by the software when the time comes to renew it (48 hours after it has been confirmed) and have "Published" or "Disappeared" status in the software. If there are no published posts - the software will not be able to renew and will re-try posting the ad instead.
2. The ad must be published by this particular instance of CLAD on this particular computer. If you have ads in your CL accounts that were published manually, or by other software, or from other computer - renew will not work and CLAD will re-try posting the ad instead.
3. 48 hours must pass from the post confirmation date/time
4. "Renew" button must be present in the CL account beside the corresponding post. If there is no renew button - renew will not happen.