Nothing works, help me out ASAP!

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Created On: 15 Mar 2010 9:30 AM

Answer We can only help you with the specific issues you have, like if you ask "why are my ads not reposting after they are flagged", we will either direct you to an article that addresses your issue, or if that does not help we will give you direct advice how to achieve your goal.
Please understand that we are not able to help you if you ask a general question like "why are my ads not going up" or "why my emails are not being created" etc. If you want us to help you with these issues, you need to analyze error/warning messages from CLAD and give detailed description of your actions which lead to the problem

However, if you are looking for remote set up services (i.e. want us to either log in and set up everything for you without you touching the keyboard or understanding what's going on, or want us to teach you how to use the software) - we are not able to provide these according to our Terms of Use. The product we sell comes with the support, but not with tutoring or remote set up. If you would like to learn more what our support includes, you can refer to our TOU and/or read the following articles:,2

If you look specifically for the remote set up or tutoring service, you can hire 3rd party professionals that provide it, you can find links on

Please understand that we are not in any way, shape or form refusing to provide the support you pay for. But in order to help you, we need you to describe specific problem that you have faced and want us to help you with, not a general one like "I can not post and I don't know what's wrong".

Please submit a ticket describing your issue in detail, with error messages you get, with screenshots of the problem (if applicable) and one of our support professionals will address your issue ASAP.