My ads aren't following the schedule

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Created On: 05 Aug 2011 6:29 PM

Answer Usually this problem manifests in the following ways:
1. You did not set the "Start posting date" in the ad properties. In this case, if the ad is new and has not been posted before, CLAD will start posting it right away, regardless of the schedule settings. Scheduling algorithm in CLAD needs to know the last date/time when the ad was posted, this last date becomes a reference point for the scheduler to calculate next posting date/time. If there is no reference point (i.e., no posts were made for that ad, and no Start posting date specified), CLAD will start posting the ad right away, as soon as you press "Start" button, to establish the reference point. After the first ad has been posted, next ads will follow the schedule. When we say "an ad" here, we actually mean each unique combination of city and section that you have selected for the ad. For example, if you have 1 ad in CLAD, selected to post to Dallas, TX and Houston, TX in the Apartments for Rent section, this counts as 2 ads. So if you did not set "Start posting date", CLAD will post this ad twice in the beginning (once to Dallas and once to Houston), and then will follow the schedule.
2. CLAD may start posting your ads because of your Reposting Policy settings. The default reposting policy is "Keep alive", meaning that CLAD will attempt to post your ads as many times as possible, until they are live on the 1st page, and only after they are live, CLAD will stop posting. So what happens, is if you set the schedule to post your ad at 9am every day, and then set reposting policy to Keep Alive, Clad will start posting at 9am.Then, if for some reason the ad did not go live (got ghosted, flagged, moved off the 1st page, there were errors during the posting process etc.). CLAD will follow the reposting policy and attempt to post that ad again, even though it's not 9am of the next day yet. You can read more about reposting policy here: