What is "The optimal IP solution"?

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Created On: 03 Apr 2010 7:20 AM

Answer Unfortunately, there is no such thing as "best possible" or "ideal" or "optimal" when it comes to CLAD Genius configuration in general, and to IP solutions in particular.
Please understand, that if there was such IP solution that consistently outperformed others, then we would have not included support for other "bad" ones.
Does it make any sense to support "bad" IP solutions if there is an "optimal" one available?
CLAD supports different IP solutions equally well, and each of those has advantages and drawbacks.
Please imagine yourself coming to a store to buy some food, and ask the salesman "please give me the optimal piece of food".
Can you anticipate the answer?

Now, what you meant to ask probably sounds like this: "What is the best possible IP solution I need to post my ads successfully?"
Unfortunately, we cannot answer that question as well, since we do not sell posting TECHNIQUE, we sell a posting TOOL.
We assume that you already KNOW what IP solution works best with your posting technique and you have tested that manually.
Generally, for any question you ask concerning posting approach and strategy, you will be getting a "yes and no" answer, because there are too many variables that affect posting success in each case. For instance, it is impossible to tell whether DSL will work in your particular case or not, because the success is affected by the following variables:
- how large is the IP pool of the DSL provider
- how many users on that IP pool post to Craigslist
- how often you and other users use these IPs to post
- how random/unique is the content you are posting
- the section/city you are posting to (the heavier the traffic in the section/city, the more attention Craigslist gives to the clarity/quality/uniqueness of the content, quality of the IPs and PVAs)
- the locality of your IPs (whether location of your IPs match the location you post to)
- the quality of your PVAs

You may understand from the above list that it is impossible for us to evaluate all of these criteria, because we have no information about them. Even if we had any information, it would still be impossible to tell exactly whether the given combination of IP/PVA/content will or will not work, because we do not know which exact algorithm is applied by Craigslist to filter out/ghost ads and block accounts.

Therefore, the only viable way to find out what works in your particular situation is to try different approaches. That is why we say in our FAQ and Terms Of Use that we require that our users are able to post successfully manually to Craigslist before they purchase. Because if they do not, they will still have to learn how to post manually and go through trial and error process to determine the best combination of IP solution, content, PVAs, CL accouns etc.

Only AFTER you have developed successful posting technique and are able to post your ads successfully in manual mode (and that assumes that you are
using some IP solution already), you need to start looking for a tool to automate your technique, and our tool can help you do that.

However, we are able to provide general guidelines based on our experience. Please follow this link to see our IP solution wizard: Click here