How to start posting with geolocated proxies?

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Created On: 15 Apr 2010 5:09 PM

Answer Here is a short tutorial on how to set up geo-located proxies with CLAD.
1. Assuming that your task is to post total of 6 ads every 2 days, 3 in SF Bay Area and 3 in Lakeland, Florida
2. You will need the following resources:
- 6 PVAs (optionally - regular (not phone verified) CL accounts if you find non-softblocked proxies, which is unlikely)
- 6 geo-located proxies, 3 for SF BAY area and 3 for Lakeland, Florida.
3. You need to set up CLAD in the following way:
- create 2 campaigns, name first campaign SF Bay Area, the second - Lakeland
- create 3 ads in the 1st campaign for SF Bay Area, and 3 ads in the second campaign for Lakeland
- import 3 of your PVAs to the SF Bay Area campaign (import can be performed under Accounts/CL accounts tab) and other 3 of your PVAs to the Lakeland campaign
- import 3 of your proxies to the SF Bay Area campaign (import can be performed under Identity/Proxies tab) and other 3 of your proxies to the Lakeland campaign
- (optional - you can experiment with this - it may help in some cases) Bind each of your PVAs to the specific proxy IPs in CL accounts edit window
- select PVA Mode in the settings/posting/craigslist (optionally - CL accounts mode if you use non-PVA accounts)
- un-check Enforce IP rotation box under Settings/Posting/Craigslist/internet settings AND under Settings/Accounts/CL accounts/Internet settings
4. Apply ad randomization if you intend to post the same content to different location (check out our video tutorials on tokens and mutations on how to do that.
Video tutorials are located on the forum in the Features section and also they can be accessed from our built-in help, green question mark button in the top right corner.
Video tutorials are formatted as links in the corresponding sections. For instance, video tutorial on mutations is contained in the help article on mutations)
5. Make sure your ads are enabled and push start button.