CLAD Genius is not using my proxies?

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Created On: 17 Jun 2010 8:58 PM

Answer First of all, you need to make sure that it does not use your proxies indeed. Please start posting or creating accounts, switch to Main tab and look at the title of the embedded browser.
If you notice {xxx.yyy.zzz.nnn:port} there, that means CLAD is actually using your proxies and you have nothing to worry about. Please keep in mind that your External IP address, depicted on top of CLAD Genius main window, will not change when CLAD is using proxies, this is normal. Also, when CLAD has made a post you can check which IP it was made from in t

If you do not notice IP addresses in the title of CLAD's embedded browser, or if you see IP address but pages are not loading, please check the following:
  1. Your proxies are validated (bold) in the list. In order to validate them, please check corresponding box in Settings/Automation and press Start button. Also make sure that the number of validation threads under Settings/Identity/Proxy servers is set to > 0, the default is 3
  2. Your proxies pass browser test (corresponding button is located in the Information Panel to the right of the proxy list)
  3. Your proxies have been loaded as Private (non-free), and are blue (not green) in the list
  4. Make sure you are able to use your proxies in the regular browser
  5. If your proxies are of HTTP type, try manually switching them between HttpGet/HttpConnect type in properties, that helps for some proxy types
  6. Make sure that embedded proxy tunnel is enabled in Settings/identity - that should be enable for most proxy types. However, some exotic proxies may not work well with it. So if you tried everything and still no luck - try turning embedded proxy tunnel off - as a last option.
  7. Make sure that proxy usage is enabled in the internet settings of the poster/account creator that you use. For instance, if you post to Craigslist, make sure that "Proxy" IP changing method is selected under settings/posting/craigslist/Internet settings
  8. Make sure that IP rotation is not disabled - check Maximum IP rotation attempts under settings/posting/craigslist/Internet settings, it should be Greater than zero (the default is 5)
  9. If your proxy provider allows only certain sites to be accessed through the proxies, you need to tell them to allow our server IP address, otherwise proxies will not validate. Please submit a ticket and we will let you know the IP that needs to be enabled
  10. Make sure that the value of Posts per IP under settings/posting/craigslist/resources/Maximum posts per 1 IP and settings/accounts/CL accounts/account per IP are not set to 0 (because if it is, CLAD will never rotate IPs and will always use your real IP) and that it's value is not too high. For instance, if it is set to 100, CLAD will use current IP 100 times before switching to the next IP, which may look like CLAD is not changing IPs
  11. If your proxies are green (free), make sure that the option "Do not use free proxies" is not set in the Internet settings of the corresponding module (for instance, in settings/posting/backpage/internet settings)
  12. Check that you do not have Half-Open-Connection limits on your Windows OS by going to settings/identity/proxy servers in CLAD and clicking on Check Half Open Connections limit button. If your current limit is below 100, set it to 100 or higher
  13. If you use Internet Explorer as your primary browser in CLAD, please go to Internet Settings (in your Internet Explorer, not in CLAD), select Advanced tab and make sure that "Use HTTP 1.1" and "Use HTTP 1.1 through proxy connections" boxes are checked
  14. And, of course, make sure that your proxy works in the regular browser (IE/firefox)