Can I use Firefox/Chrome/other browsers with CLAD?

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Created On: 17 Jun 2010 10:43 PM

Answer Since the beginning, CLAD Genius supported 2 browsers - Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Mozilla's Firefox.
CLAD had been working equally well with both up until 2015, when Mozilla decided to stop development and support of the embedded version of Firefox (code name "xulrunner"). The last version of Embedded Firefox that could be easily integrated into CLAD was 3.6.28, dated 28-Oct-2015. Since then, browsers made a huge leap forward and Firefox 3.6 is completely outdated as of the time of this writing. Integrating modern versions of Firefox was quite a challenge, as we had to not only make changes to Firefox source code to re-enable embedding, but also maintain compatibility of our added code with the new Mozilla releases. We had to make lots of changes to CLAD's core to re-enable integration with modern versions of Firefox. Fearing that these changes could break some functionality for our current users, we decided to create a separate beta build of CLAD that would support Firefox, and maintain it separately for those users who are willing to experiment, while also maintaining the stable mainstream CLAD, that for now support IE only.
CLAD Genius beta also provides preliminary support for Google Chrome.
If you would like to try CLAD Genius beta with Firefox or Chrome, do this:

Don't worry if you already have mainstream CLAD installed, the beta version will not hurt your data or settings. Furthermore, you can easily go back to the official CLAD simply by installing it from our website. All your data and settings will be preserved.