26 May 2022 
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Payments and Subscription (7) Licensing (8)
What is monthly fee for? Is it mandatory?I need to run CLAD Genius on XXX computers. Do you offer discounts?more topics I purchased PRO but got only 1 activation code. How to use my 2nd license?Can I share my license with someone else?How can I move CLAD's license to the other computer?How many computers am I allowed to run CLAD on?Demo / Evaluation / Trial licensemore topics
Ways to obtain support (7) Typical errors and solutions (33)
Forum accessPhone supportRemote log in (Teamviewer) supportTraining, hands off install, remote configuration, set up software for meVideo tutorialsmore topics Not enough accounts to post this adHotmail validation issuesAd description cannot be emptyUnable to rotate IPs after X triesDynamic SQL Error: Table unknownmore topics
Questions about posting (40) IP solutions (55)
Why are my ads being marked as "Disappeared" in CLAD?CLAD Genius does not post my adsGhosting on CraigslistHidden Text on CraigslistHow to start posting with geolocated proxies?more topics Does CLAD change IPs automatically? Supported IP solutionsRouter locks up after 4-5 succesful IP changes on my CABLE connectionWhat is "The optimal IP solution"?Can you configure my IP solution for me on teamviewer?more topics
General questions (34) Techical questions (7)
Nothing works, help me out ASAP!Virus / Trojan in the softwareI need to reinstall CLAD GeniusWhere is Settings button in CLAD?Can I back up / restore my CLAD's database?more topics Where does CLAD Genius store the data?Hardware/software requirements for CLAD. CPU/RAM/hard drive usageHow can I import ads from my custom datasource/RSS feed/XML/HTML/text etc?Does it run on Mac? Linux? Other OS?How to find out what is CLAD doing at the moment?more topics
CLAD Genius settings (4)
Improved geo-targeting support, list of changes in build 1593more topics
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