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 Not enough accounts to post this ad
  This error can apply to E-mail accounts, CL accounts or PVAs.If you get this error, please check the following:You have uploaded/created enough accounts that CLAD is asking for. If you post to Craigslist with CL accounts/PVAs only (n
 Hotmail validation issues
 Things to check:Check that you are not using proxies to validate hotmail accounts. Microsoft does not allow using some types of proxies with their web pages. Yes it is OK to validate XXXX accounts from a single IP, that will not influence th
 Ad description cannot be empty
  If you get that error, that means that your ad body (description) does not contain any text. Please add 2-3 words there. This is mandatory.  Even if your ad consists only of a single image, you still need to have at least 3 words in your ad description.
 Unable to rotate IPs after X tries
  This warning means that you did not set up IP rotation properly in CLAD.If you are evaluating the software and/or intend to post up to 10 ads per day, you may disregard that message.If want to post more than that, you need to look into setti
 Dynamic SQL Error: Table unknown
 If you get this error, it means that CLAD's database was not fully initialized during CLAD Genius installation.Please uninstall CLAD completely (make sure to check Database box in uninstaller) and re-install it again. Please make sure to wait
 Ad contains {and} symbols, please check your tokens and inline directives
  That means one (or more) of your tokens in the ad body, title or other properties is not defined correctly.The most widespread error is using a token that has not been defined in the token manager or misspelling it.When checking that, please
 WebException: The server committed a protocol violation
  If you get this error during IP change procedure, but your IP still changes successfully, you do not need to worry. This error just indicated that your modem (router) does not follow HTTP protocol specifications strictly, but it is not critical
 decaptcher: network error and other problems
  There are usually 4 possible causes:You have not configured decaptcher host/port in CLAD Genius settings correctly. Please log in to your decaptcher account on www.decaptcher.com and make sure that you use correct host and port in CLAD Gen
 No active licenses
  There are 2 possible causes:You did not activate your license. Please check your mailbox you used to register with CLAD Genius (and SPAM box also) for an email with activation code from support@clad
 Unable to load DLL 'vncs.dll'
 In order to serve you better, we have started implementing built-in remote access module in the software based on VNC (free remote desktop library), this project is not finished yet and is still a work-in-progress. It uses a standard VNC library - vncs.dl
 Installer integrity check has failed.
 This means your browser retrieved an incomplete download of CLAD Genius installer and stored this incomplete (broken) download in the cache.So now, when you try to download the installer again, instead of going to our website to actually download it
 IP has been recently used, trying to change...
 This means exactly what it says - IP address that CLAD is currently trying to use, has already been used by CLAD within the specified time frame.If you use default settings, CLAD will check that IP address is used only once per 48 hours to post ads
 SoapHeaderException: Unknown User Authentication
 This error usually happens when you use IPRental with CLAD Genius and are not running IPRental's application.Please start IPRental application, log in to it and leave it running while running CLAD Genius, this will solve the problem
 Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation: Interrupted
 This is not an error. This message comes up when you press STOP button in the middle of the task execution, i.e when you interrupt running task.There is nothing to be worried about when this message comes up.
 Site doesn't look like XXX - either proxy is invalid, or html codes have changed
  This error happens because CLAD's embedded browser (either Internet Explorer or Firefox) is not able to open certain web page.Please notice that it is not CLAD who is unable to open the web page, but the browser.So, if you try to open the sa
 While checking mailbox XXX: The remote certificate is invalid.
 This error usually occurs when the E-mail server for that particular E-mail account is configured incorrectly in CLAD.Most definitely, CLAD is trying to connect to non-SSL with SSL turned on.Please go to Accounts tab in CLAD, select E-mail ser
 "There is a problem with the certificate" in the Main tab of the browser
 This error happens when the browser (either Internet Explorer of Firefox) cannot open secure web page (that starts with https://)Things to check and try:your system date and time is set up correctly in your Windows. This especially app
 Unsupported domain type: xxxxx.xxx
  This error indicates that you do not have corresponding E-mail server configured in CLAD Genius.For instance, if CLAD says "unsupported domain type: hotmail.com", it means that configuration entry for hotm
 Account has been used xx.xx hours ago
 This warning is usually seen when CLAD determines that CL account/PVA has been already used to post with during the restricted time frame and cannot be used again until some time has passed. Typical scenario:1. Your CL accounts/PVA usage restr
 POP3 access is not allowed
 This warning message will appear when CLAD tries to read E-mail messages from your E-mail account(s) and is not able to do so because E-mail provider does not let CLAD do so. POP3 stands for "Post Office Protocol, version 3" and is the most comm
 Access is denied. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED)
 This error is given by Internet Explorer when CLAD is trying to access it to autopost or create accounts, and in most cases caused by the security restrictions on your computer, usually enforced by 3rd party antivirus/firewall/anti-malware software. Pleas
 Ad not found in CL account
 When CLAD posts with CL acounts/PVAs, at the end of each post it immediately checks your CL account/PVA to make sure that the posting actually appeared in the list of ads in your CL account. This check is necessary to determine the posting ID which is lat
 Crashes/startup problems on Windows x64
  This started to happen on the majority of x64 bit OS'es around February, 7, 2011, we believe that Microsoft has issued some kind of an update that conflicts with Xenocode Postbuild which is a 3rd party obfuscator used by our software. We are investigati
 Out of memory exceptions
  If you get OutOfMemory exceptions and you are sure that you have enough free memory (RAM) on your computer, you may want to check the following:1. If you have been posting for a long time (few months), you may have a lot of unneeded posting
 Trying to use CL account XXX that has been used YYY hours ago
 This message indicates that CLAD has tried to use CL account for posting, but after logging into it, CLAD found out that the account has been used recently and your settings specify that CLAD needs to wait more time until this account is allowed to be re-
 PVA mode: skipping XXX because no PVAs available
  When you install CLAD for the first time, it is by default configured to post your ads with Phone Verified Craigslist Accounts (PVAs).If you have not loaded any PVAs into CLAD, it will give you this error message. Ways to
 When I log in, CLAD logs me back out immediately?
 Yes, this is correct and nothing is to be worried about.This happens when you are already logged in, and then try to log in again.CLAD will first log you in, and then will log out the old (previous) session.Therefore you will see the mes
 Cannot not determine posting ID from E-mail to <address>
 You may see this message when CLAD attempts to process post/edit/delete confirmation E-mail from Craigslist.It happens when CLAD is not able to find any ad in its database which corresponds to this E-mail message.In other words, CLAD does not
 "Posting too rapidly" on Craigslist
 This error from Craigslist doesn't really mean what it says.Of course, your intuitive move in this case would be to just increase some kind of timeout or time delay in CLAD to make Craigslist happy. However, in most cases this doesn't solve the prob
 Could not find a radio button to click
 When you get an error "Could not find a radio button to click", please switch to the Main tab in CLAD and watch the posting process carefuly.Us
 Software already running on X computers
  If the software is telling you that you are already running it on X computers, but you are not - the possible causes are: 1. You exited the software on one (or more) of your computers without logging off (e.g. your computer crashed, or yo
 CheckPublished warnings
 If you see the yellow messages starting with "CheckPublished: ..." when posting to Craigslist, first of all - do not panic. These are NOT the errors, these are just warnings alerting you that something MAY be wrong when checking for published ad
 Gmail validation - Web login required
  Guide to enable POP3/IMAP in Gmail accounts.1. Log in to your Gmail account in a regular browser.2. Click on the Settings button and select Settings3. Click on the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab4. Select "Enable POP for all mai
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