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 Why are my ads being marked as "Disappeared" in CLAD?
  There is noting bad about disappearing ads. If ad is marked as Disappeared, that means first of all that CLAD was successful at getting it live on Craigslist. Therefore, if you have disappeared ads in the list please first of all give CLAD a cred
 CLAD Genius does not post my ads
  Things to check:You are logged in to CLAD GeniusYou have ad(s) in the list of ads under Advertisements tabYou have an active license with CLAD Genius. If you are using an evaluation version of CLAD, you still need to acti
 Ghosting on Craigslist
 There may be a number of reasons for ghosting. First of all, you need to understand that there is no one single reason that causes ghosting problems.Craigslist filters work in such a way that they account for multiple criteria and add up those
 Hidden Text on Craigslist
  If you use $hiddentext directive or "Junk text insertion" with default settings in CLAD, random text will appear hidden on preview, but WILL NOT be hidden when your ads are actually published on Craigslist. This is a known issue. Craigs
 How to start posting with geolocated proxies?
  Here is a short tutorial on how to set up geo-located proxies with CLAD. 1. Assuming that your task is to post total of 6 ads every 2 days, 3 in SF Bay Area and 3 in Lakeland, Florida 2. You will need the following resources: - 6 P
 Is CLAD not clearing cookies - I see PURPLE links ?
  Please read the following explanation about PURPLE and BLUE links, and how that relates to cookies, cache and posting in generalThere are 3 (three) separate and *absolutely independent* places where browsers store local data (actually there
 Can I post paid ads with CLAD?
  Yes, you can. Please add your credit/debit card(s) under Accounts/Credit (debit) cards list and CLAD will use it (them) to post your ads. CLAD will select the card randomly from the list you provided. If you have bound card(s) to the specific camp
 Reposting policy
  CLAD is able to re-post your ads on different conditions, which are configured via reposting policy in ad properties.In order to understand the meaning of each entry in the Reposting policy box, you need to understand life cycle stages of an ad.
 How to interpret ad status in the information panel?
  An ad may go through the following stages during its life cycle, which is depicted in the ad status in the information panel to the right of ads list under CLAD's Advertisements tab: Scheduled. An a
 Is CLAD Genius multi threaded?
 CLAD Genius is multithreaded in a sense that it may do several tasks at once. For instance, it will check and process emails while posting, it will check already posted ads to determine whether they are live or not while posting etc. However
 How many ads can I post with CLAD Genius?
 There isn't really any limit, but the number of ads you can actually get published will depend on lots of variables: your internet connection speed/latency, the publisher you use to post ads (Craigslist/Backpage/eBay/etc), quality of your IPs, CL accounts
 Does CLAD Genius make my ads unique?
  Yes, CLAD Genius is able to change the content of your ads automatically to insure that each new ad your post has unique content and there are no duplicates.CLAD Genius has a number of features that you can use to enable ad randomization, those ar
 How many PVAs/CL accounts/Emails/Proxies do I need?
  First thing to we need to know to answer that question is how many ads you are going to post daily and will refer to this variable as X in the following formulas. In the examples below we will assume that you need to post 8 ads each day (X=8).
 CLAD is removing <br> tags from my ads
  If your ad does not have any HTML tags other than <br>, CLAD Genius will remove those tags and replace them by plain carriage returns thus converting your ad into plain text.The reason for that is because we have noticed that Craigslist is m
 What is sequential posting?
  Sequential posting is a special mode that ensures ads are posted one-by-one, i.e., no postingattempts will occur before the last posted ad has been confirmed. This can slow down postingprocess a little, but may help you to follow what the pr
 Does CLADGenius detect flagged/ghosted ads?
 Yes. The program will automatically check not only for flagging e-mails, it will also automatically verify whether your ad, that has been posted and published, is still live on the publisher's website. If CLAD Genius sees that an ad is not live anym
 How to post several ads on one CL account/PVA without logging off?
  It is possible to emulate this behavior with CLAD using "Store and re-use session cookies" under Settings/Accounts/CL accounts.If this option is set, CLAD will preserve login context for each CL account/PVA, which from Craigslist's view
 Geolocation isues / password reset on PVAs
  Craigslist actively employs geolocation in their spam protection mechanisms.That means, when you post, in some cities/sections Craigslist checks that the location you post to and your IP address belong to the same area.If there are discrepan
 My ads are getting Flagged!
 If your ads are getting flagged, this is very good. That means CLAD has done it's job perfectly and made your ad live.That means your ad actually went up, but people that were viewing it decided that it is wrong/inapropriate/misleading etc. and pu
 How to set up geo-targeted posting on Craigslist with CLAD
  Currently CLAD Genius is able to perform geo-targeted posting on Craigslist using two different concepts:Geo-targeting based on IP location information supplied by CraigslistGeo-targeting based on IP location information supplied
 What is misfire tolerance?
  This option is available under ad properties in the ad edit window.In order to explain the meaning of this option, let's look at the example.Suppose you have an ad set up to run every day at 9:00 am. To do that, you go into the schedul
 In certain sections, I can post by hand but not with CLAD
  At times Craigslist may be experimenting with new spam protection techniques in certain sections or regions. It is hard for us to spot that because we may not always have IP addressess in all cities of the US and definitely not have time to test each ci
 CLAD marks my ads ghosted or confirmed, but they are live!
  In most cases this is caused by incorrect time zone/local time settings on your computer, especially if you get Ghosted status immediately after an ad has been posted.It is also possible that it takes more than 30 minutes for the ads to appear in
 How to use tokens
  Tokens is an extremely powerful feature that brings unique content to your ads. You can access this feature through token manager - use corresponding button on the toolbar in the list of ads. Token manager will allow you to: e
 How to avoid flagging?
  Flagging is performed either by human readers who actually read your ad, decide that they do not like it and flag it, or by the flagging software that reacts to certain keywords. Both issues usually solved by altering the contents of your ads.
 Captcha does not appear when posting
 If you do not see captcha image when CLAD posts on the captcha verification page and you get a "Captcha image not found" error from CLAD, this may happen because of 2 reasons:1. Your proxies do not allow captcha image to load. If you are u
 All about PVAs
 PVA is an acronym for Phone Verified Account, and in the context of Craigslist posting applies to the Craigslist accounts that have passed the phone verification procedure, which is required under some circumstances during the posting of ads on Craigslist
 How to have CLAD renew an ad using "Renew" button in Craigslist account?
  You need to set posting mode to "Renew" in the ad properties, and CLAD will post your ad once, then will wait 48 hours, log in to account and try to click on Renew button.Additionally, the following conditions must be met for the renew t
 My ads aren't following the schedule
 Usually this problem manifests in the following ways:Ads are being posted more often than they are scheduled.Ads start posting as soon as you press Start button, and do not follow the scheduleAds follow the schedule sometim
 E-mail confirmations for CL postings with PVAs/CL accounts
 As of Sep, 18, 2011, Craigslist introduced new security measure to verify posts by E-mail, which will happen sometimes even if you use CL accounts/PVAs to post your ads.This means that instead of usual captcha and Thank you screen at the end of post
 Confirming Craigslist posts by E-mail
  In some cases, Craigslist will request you to confirm your post by E-mail, even if you use Craigslist Accounts (either verified by phone or not).CLAD Genius is able to process such confirmation E-mails properly and finalize your posts automaticall
 Will CLAD help me with ghosting?
 The answer is - YES and NO.YES, because CLAD has may features that can help you avoid ghosting if you understand its cause.NO, because CLAD does not use any magic, supernatural powers, backdoors, viruses, trojans, secreet agreements with Craig
 How to use specific CL accounts when posting to certain regions?
  If you post to multiple cities on Cragslist, usually it makes sense to allocate specific CL accounts to specific cities, so that each account is used by CLAD to post only in the specific city, which may minimize ghosting issues and other problems with a
 Image randomization
  This article applies only to the images uploaded to CL or other posting site during the posting process, and does *NOT* apply to the image links ( IMG tags in the HTML of your ads). In other words, it applies to the images that you add under the Picture
 CLAD not clicking ACCEPT button on the TOU screen
 We suspect that there is a bug on Craigslist when you try to accept the TOU in the Internet Explorer version 7.The same thing happens when you try to do that in a regular IE7 desktop browser - once you click ACCEPT button you will see the same TOU s
 Craigslist updates (October, 2013)
 You may encounter the following problems:1. If you are posting your ads with the new "postal code" field, the next screen after the posting page will be map selection page where Craigslist wants you to justify the location. After the
 Custom attributes in Personals
 This article explains how to add custom attributes to the ads in personals section. Once you select any sub-section in the Personals section in your ad and then go to Properties tab in the ad edit window, you will see a "Personals-additional attributes"
 How to avoid flagging, ghosting, deletion of ads on Craigslist?
 Our software has many features to help you get ads live and avoid common mistakes that lead to flagging, ghosting, deletion of your ads or even blockage of your account or IP address. At the same time, it is important to understand that the software itsel
 One-time login links
  In some cases Craigslist will require that the user requests one-time login link before logging in to Craigslist account. We believe this happens when Craigslist suspects that account credentials may be compromised, and enforces one-time logi
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