27 Feb 2020 
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Scripts for DSL/Cable modems / routers (45)
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 Does CLAD change IPs automatically? Supported IP solutions
  Yes, CLAD Genius is able to rotate IP address automatically when posting your ads at the configurable intervals.However, you need to set up your IP solution with CLAD before it can actually use it.There is a number of IP solutions that can b
 Router locks up after 4-5 succesful IP changes on my CABLE connection
  Yes we have heard about similar problems. However, they are not related to CLAD or IP changing script in any way. The only thing script does is it changes MAC address on the router, reboots the modem and releases/renews IP. It does that by clickin
 What is "The optimal IP solution"?
  Unfortunately, there is no such thing as "best possible" or "ideal" or "optimal" when it comes to CLAD Genius configuration in general, and to IP solutions in particular. Please understand, that if there was such IP
 Can you configure my IP solution for me on teamviewer?
  We are unable to go on teamviewer with you to determine whether your network connection can be used to change your IPs. This is exactly what is written on our purchase page, green box at the bottom We have written the disclaimer NOT because we ar
 CLAD Genius is not using my proxies?
  First of all, you need to make sure that it does not use your proxies indeed. Please start posting or creating accounts, switch to Main tab and look at the title of the embedded browser.If you notice {xxx.yyy.zzz.nnn:port} there, that means CLAD i
 Modem locks up during IP change
  If your hadrware locks up during IP change cycle, most probably this is not CLAD's fault. CLAD does not do any magic passes on your hardware other than going into your modem's (router's) admin console and clicking on Restart/Reboot/Release
 After DSL/cable obtains new IP, provider's page is displayed prompting to restart browser instead of the web pages
 Most probable cause is that after IP address has changed, your DNS servers changed as well and browser restart is required to restore internet connectivity.Since CLAD's browser is embedded, it is not possible to restart it without restarting CLAD.
 How to turn off IP rotation in CLAD?
 IP rotation settings are defined separately for each poster/account creator. We will take Craigslist poster as an example. If you would like to turn off IP rotation for other service (Backpage, Hotmal account creator etc), you would have to follow t
 Rotating static IPs with CLAD
 If you have a list of static IP from your internet provider, that you can set by changing your Local Area Connection properties in Windows, you can set up IP rotation in CLAD like this:In a separate directory on your hard drive, prepare a te
 Configuring CLAD to use HMA PRO VPN
  It is possible to make CLAD automatically change IPs via HMA PRO VPN (or at least it was possible last time we checked, which was January, 17, 2013). There are absolutely no guarantees that this method will work for you, because HMA may make changes any
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