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 Nothing works, help me out ASAP!
  We can only help you with the specific issues you have, like if you ask "why are my ads not reposting after they are flagged", we will either direct you to an article that addresses your issue, or if that does not help we will give you direct
 Virus / Trojan in the software
  The software may be reported as "suspicious" or "unsafe" by some antivirus kits, because it uses your Internet Explorer browser to emulate navigation over Craigslist's and other websites. This makes antivirus software suspect a virus
 I need to reinstall CLAD Genius
 There may be plenty of reasons why you need to reinstall the software - deleted accidentally, hard drive went bad, CLAD's files were corrupted by malicious software or during hardware failure, etc.In any case, you need to know that it is always
 Where is Settings button in CLAD?
  Settings button looks like a blue gear and is located on the right side of the top toolbar in the main CLAD's window 
 Can I back up / restore my CLAD's database?
  Yes,  you can do that.Go to main menu (yellow lightning-like button on the top toolbar), select User Data/Settings therePlease be aware that the scheduler must not be started in order to perform backup/restore operations. This means that it
 Can I change password to access CLAD/forum?
 Yes,  you can do that. Go to main menu (yellow lightning-like button on the top toolbar), select Change Password there
 CLAD does not confirm my ads via E-mail / does not finish CL account creation / does not detect flagged ads / continuosly resets password on CL accounts
  Basically this means that CLAD is unable to read confirmation emails Things to check: You have a master E-mail accountYour master account is green and bold in the list of E-mail accountsYour master account
 Where are the free proxies?
 CLAD Genius is capable of crawling the net for free proxy servers and using them for posting, account creation and other functions. However, please beware that free proxy servers are usually not reliable and sometimes are banned by ser
 Can I use Firefox/Chrome/other browsers with CLAD?
  Since the beginning, CLAD Genius supported 2 browsers - Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Mozilla's Firefox.CLAD had been working equally well with both up until 2015, when Mozilla decided to stop development and support of the embedded version of
 Does CLAD Genius solve captchas automatically?
  Yes, CLAD Genius is able to do that if you are subscribed to one of the captcha services that we support.When we say "Auto Capcha" in the list of CLAD's features, we mean that CLAD can use external captcha services to solve captchas for
 Verification of Craigslist accounts by phone
  The CLAD Genius software has the feature to verify Craigslist Accounts by phone. This feature is a part of CLAD Genius software, is included in the CLAD Genius software, is not a separate install/download and cannot be used separately. We do not
 What is master email account?
  Master E-mail account is an account that will receive all E-mail messages from other (non-master) accounts. In other words, all mail is forwarded to master account. Due to technical restriction of how gmail/hotmai
 How frequently is the software being updated?
  We release new builds (versions) of the software shortly after we have noticed a change on the service providing website (Craigslist, Backpage, eBay, Kijiji, Hotmail, Gmail and others). It may take 1-5 working days to complete and release update to the
 Different colors in the lists, what do they mean?
  The general contract is:Green - good/enabled/validated itemRed - disabled item, this item will not be used during software operation
 I screwed up CLAD settings. Log in to my computer and fix me NOW!
  Sorry, but we are unable to do that. But, the good thing is - you can do that yourself.The easiest thing to do is to uninstall your CLAD Genius completely (make sure to check all of the boxes in the uninstaller) and make a clean fresh inst
 My CL accounts/PVAs are becoming gray suddenly, but I can log in to them manually
  This is a known issue.This happens if you have just imported fresh PVAs in CLAD together with E-mails and forgot to set up master account.In this case, the following happens:When CL account was created outside of CLAD, CL of co
 How to stop/disable certain tasks in CLAD Genius?
 Sometimes it is not convenient when CLAD performs a group of tasks in parallel, especially when you want to focus on a single task and get it done ASAP.For instance, you want to validate 1000 emails, but CLAD continuously interrupts validation with
 Is CLAD Genius for me? (pre-sales questions)
  Generally, CLAD Genius is designed for professional classified ad posters who already have successful posting technique, i.e. can post manually (or with other software) successfully, and are looking to take the posting routine out of their lives.
 How to create CL accounts with CLAD (non-PVAs) ?
  Make sure you have E-mail accounts under Accounts/E-mail accounts in CLAD. E-mail accounts need to be green (validated)E-mail accounts need to be set up properly to ensure that CLAD Genius is able to read mail messages fr
 The software does not update
  Usually this problem manifests itself in a following way:You get a prompt about new version from CLADYou try to restart to updateYou see update window, CLAD closes and restarts, but the build number in the lower left corn
 Built-in $-directives
 Directives are special control words for use in the ad title/body/properties that are prefixed with $ sign and are treated by the program in a special way. The following directives are currently supported by the program:
 How to randomize links/image URLs in my ads?
  Sometimes when your ads contain link to the same image on the free hosting or just a link to your website, it can become tedious to randomize those by hand for each of your ad. Therefore, we introduced a new directive -
 Where can I obtain proxies/PVAs/CL accounts/E-mails/phone numbers/other resources?
  At this time we are NOT able to provide you with any of the following additional products/services:Proxy servers (proxies)Ready-made phone-verified account
 Automatic forwarding of GMail accounts
  CLAD Genius does not automatically set forwarding for GMail accounts. Only Hotmail accounts can be forwarded automatically by CLAD. The reason for this is the following: 1. Mass forwarding is very restricted by GMail policies and if you attempt t
 CLAD pulls wrong captcha when creating Hotmails
 Yes indeed, captcha image, dispayed on Hotmail webpage, differs from captcha image that CLAD sends to captcha servers for resolution or displays in pop-up box for manual solving. This is not a bug!!!
 Will Craigslist ban/disable/suspend me/my IPs/my PVAs for using CLAD Genius?
 First of all let us understand what Craigslist can ban/disable and what it cannotCraigslist CAN ban your IP address if you post a lot of ads from your real IP address. Craigslist can do that if you post manually or when you use automated sof
 I forgot my password to log in to CLAD Genius
  If you forgot your password, there is no way to retrieve it. Please do not ask us to mail it to you or tell you your password - we do not know it.The password is stored in hashed form using one-way secure hash algorithm. This means that it is non-
 Combining tokens and mutations
  Sometimes it may be useful to additionally mutate token variations.Let's suppose you have the token {opening} with the following variations: - Variation 1: Hello dear sirs - Variation 2: Hello guys - Variation 3: Hello l
 How to create CL accounts with catchall domain?
  In order to create CL accounts with randomly generated E-mails @ catchall domain, you need to do the following:Create a separate campaign in CLAD that will be used for newly created CL accounts. In order to do that, click on "Campaign
 How to post with catchall domain?
  What is catchall domain? Catchall domain is a special feature of your hosting provider that allows to receive E-mail messages to different E-mail addresses within 1 domain and have them go in
 Missing cities on Craigslist
  Some of the cities on Craigslist are located under several states. In CLAD, one city cannot be located under different states and is always located under one state. Therefore, if you do not find the city you are looking for in CLAD, look under a differe
 How to add E-mails with custom domains to CLAD?
 If you want to use E-mails with your own domains with CLAD, it is possible if your domain host supports POP3 protocol to communicate with your mailboxes.Assuming you have 20 E-mails with domain @mydomain.com, you need to perform the following steps
 CLAD removes account bindings under Accounts tab in the ad properties
 When saving an ad, CLAD saves the bindings on the page under Accounts tab that is currently selected. Under Craigslist, there are E-mails, Non-PVAs and PVAs pages where you can bind E-mails/accounts. So for instance, if you have bound PVAs to your ad unde
 Where is Price, Age, License and other fields?
 These fields are located under the "Properties " tab in the ad edit window, in the "Publisher-specific properties" box.You will be able to see these fields only AFTER you select category(ies) that require these fields. For instan
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