27 Feb 2020 
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 Where does CLAD Genius store the data?
  All data that you have in CLAD is stored in the Firebird SQL database on your local computer.Not a single piece of your data is stored on our servers. We do not have any access to your data.Firebird SQL is a 3rd party database engine, you ca
 Hardware/software requirements for CLAD. CPU/RAM/hard drive usage
  Minimum hardware requirements: CPU: 1GHzRAM: Total - 1Gb, available(free) - 512MbFree space on hard disk or other persistent storage - 1GbNetwork connection to the int
 How can I import ads from my custom datasource/RSS feed/XML/HTML/text etc?
  CLAD Genius is able to import single or multiple ads in XML format.In order to make use of that feature, you need to make up a sample ad in CLAD and export it to XML (use Export button on the toolbar in the list of ads).After that, you can a
 Does it run on Mac? Linux? Other OS?
  Right now CLAD Genius is only available for Windows OS. We do not plan to add support for Mac, Linux or other OS in the nearest future.
 How to find out what is CLAD doing at the moment?
  Sometimes it may not be obvious what exactly CLAD is busy with, or you may be experiencing delays and would like to know their cause. If you would like to get more information about what CLAD is doing at the moment, follow these steps:1. Go
 Where to find log files?
 CLAD logs all operations to the text file and in case you have problems troubleshooting any issue, log file may help to diagnose the problem.The most recent entries to the log file can be found under Information/Full logs ta
 How to change IE emulation
 By default Windows OS enforces the use of very old version of Internet Explorer (7.0) in all applications that embed IE.As IE7.0 is now obsolete, it is recommended to change IE emulation version to IE 11.0 to support modern browser features.Th
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