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 What is monthly fee for? Is it mandatory?
Article Yes, you are required to pay monthly maintenance fee in order to be able to use CLAD Genius.

I. Monthly maintenance fee includes the following services:
  1. Access to our forum with useful discussions about posting and CLAD Genius usage best practices
  2. Free updates of CLAD Genius software, notification about new implemented features and planned enhancements
  3. Access to our knowledge base
  4. Access to ticket-based support (and remote support in some cases)
II. Monthly maintenance fee DOES NOT include the following services:
  1. Training / teaching you how to use the software
  2. Configuring the software for you and/or checking if your configuration is correct
  3. Resetting your software configuration to default in case you have misconfigured it or fixing your configuration
  4. Determining the best approach(es) to post your ads
  5. Developing posting technique(s) for you
  6. Designing your ads and/or developing templates for your ads
  7. Posting your ads
  8. Configuring your IP solution
  9. Providing telephone/voice/video support.
  10. Determining how to change IPs with your hardware
  11. Determining why your ads get ghosted/flagged/removed
  12. Explaining the meaning of options, functions and features of the software (they have already been explained in our help and in the FAQ for you, please take your time to read carefully and experiment to understand the particular option/function/feature)
  13. Implementing custom feature requests, adding options/settings/features at your request, changing existing logic/interface of the software at your request or performing any other type of custom development 
  14. Providing on-demand remote support with logging in to your PC via teamviewer,  gotomypc, VNC, Radmin, Logmein, MSTSC or other remote login services
  15. Providing step-by-step directions/instructions how to set up, configure, or optimize the software
  16. Providing any other services not listed under (I.)
Even if you never use our customer support service, we still require that you pay monthly support fee.
The reason is that due to the nature of this software, constant monitoring of publisher sites is required to keep CLAD Genius up-to-date and in working order.
In order to do that, we must pay our support staff to track and implement all current changes made by Craigslist, Backpage, Kijiij, eBay, Google, Hotmail and others.

If for any reason you have skipped your monthly payment and your service has been interrupted, you can renew your subscription at any time.

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