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 Does CLAD change IPs automatically? Supported IP solutions
Article Yes, CLAD Genius is able to rotate IP address automatically when posting your ads at the configurable intervals.
However, you need to set up your IP solution with CLAD before it can actually use it.
There is a number of IP solutions that can be used by CLAD:
  1. Native IP solutions. Native solutions are usually based on the hardware you use to access the internet, given that you have dynamic IP address with your internet provider and that your IP address changes when hardware is restarted or any other actions is performed with the hardware, like MAC address change. Native IP solutions are usually the cheapest and the most reliable alternative, however, their disadvantage is that they are usually restricted to certain IP ranges, which may be banned by ad publishers (like Craigslist). Also, IP ranges are local to the area you live in, so they may not be suitable for geo-targeted posting. You can use the following native IP solutions with CLAD:
    • DSL/ADSL modems
    • Cable modems
    • Air/broadband cards
    • Dial-up modems
  2. Private proxies.These are more expensive and usually less reliable than native IP solutions, but is a good alternative in the cases when you need to do geo-targeted posting or when native IP changing is not an option. CLAD Genius supports all known types of proxies, including HTTP (GET/CONNECT method), Socks 4, Socks 5. You can go to http://www.blackhatworld.com and search for "proxy" or "proxies" there. You will find plenty of suppliers of private proxies
  3. Proxy services. These are essentially the same as proxies, the difference is that proxy services will provide proxies on demand (when CLAD actually needs them to post), whereas with proxies you purchase the fixed list of IPs. CLAD supports the following proxy services at this time:
Please note that some restrictions to may apply to using certain IP solutions (especially native IP solutions) in certain cases. You can read more about this and also learn how to set up your IP solution with CLAD from this tutorial: http://help.cladg.com/tickets/index.php?_m=troubleshooter&_a=steps&troubleshootercatid=2&parentid=0

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