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 How to get additional licenses?
Article If you already own a license of CLAD Genius, there is a limit on the number of simultaneous logins per license.
For the PRO version of the licese, you are allowed to run CLAD on 2 computers simultaneously per 1 PRO license.
For the LITE version of the licese, you are allowed to run CLAD on 1 computer per 1 LITE license.
When we say "computer", that also includes virtual machines. So for instance if you run 2 virtual machines (VMWare, VirtualBox or any other) on a single physical PC and run CLAD on both of them, that counts as 2 (not 1) simultaneously running copies of CLAD.

If you need to run more copies of CLAD Genius than allowed by your current license, you will need to purchase additional licenses.
When you buy additional licenses, there is no additional monthly fee requirement provided that you use the same login for all additional licenses.
For instance, if you already own CLAD Genius PRO license, pay $49.59 montly maintenance fee and want to purchase additional PRO license, you will NOT need to pay additional $49.95 monthly fee, no matter how many additional licenses you want to buy. So for instance if you buy 10 additioanl PRO licenses, you will still have to pay only $49.95 monthly maintenance fee. The same applies to LITE version of the license.

If you want to purchase additional licenses, please submit a support ticket.

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