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 Confirming Craigslist posts by E-mail
Article In some cases, Craigslist will request you to confirm your post by E-mail, even if you use Craigslist Accounts (either verified by phone or not).
CLAD Genius is able to process such confirmation E-mails properly and finalize your posts automatically. However, certain conditions must be met in order for automatic confirmations to succeed.
  1. CLAD needs to have access to E-mail accounts, which your CL accounts/PVAs are based upon. This is needed because CLAD must be able to read and process confirmation messages from Craigslist. If you have a lot of CL accounts (>10), it may take too much time to check mail in all of them, so it is wise to set up forwarding from all of your E-mails to one Master E-mail account. It is advised to use Hotmail-based CL accounts forwarded to a single master GMail account. This is the most safe and reliable combination. Also, you can take advantage of CLAD's auto-forwarding feature, which will automatically forward your hotmail accounts to a master account. Typical sequence of actions for that is as follows:
    • Import your CL accounts/PVAs in CLAD along with Hotmail E-mails (E-mails are imported automatically when you import CL accounts/PVAs). You can import CL accounts/PVAs into separate campaigns as needed for your posting purposes, or to a single campaign.
    • Before CLAD starts validating CL accounts/E-mails, move all E-mails to a single campaign (or to All campaigns). CL accounts will stay in their respective campaigns during this operation
    • Add master E-mail account with @gmail.com domain to the campaign where you put all of your E-mails. At this point, you should have all of your E-mail accounts along with master E-mail account under a single campaign (or under All campaigns).
    • Double click on your master @gmail.com E-mail account and check the box "Master account". This account will become BOLD in the list, meaning that it is a master account.
    • Make sure you do NOT have a checkmark in the box "Turn off automatic setup of forwarding..." under settings/accounts/hotmail in CLAD
    • Click Start button in CLAD and CLAD will start validating all of your E-mail accounts. During validation, CLAD will automatically set up forwarding for all of your E-mail accounts to the master @gmail.com account.
    • After all of your E-mail accounts become green in the list, you can check how forwarding works by manually sending an E-mail to one of your @hotmail.com accounts. Wait 3-5 minutes, then click on your Master @gmail.com account in CLAD and take a look at the list of messages to the right. You should see your E-mail message there, which indicates that forwarding works fine. If you do not see it, make sure that you pressed Start button in CLAD's top left corner (CLAD will check E-mails only when the scheduler is started) and also make sure that your hotmail accounts are forwarded indeed (you can do that by logging to them manually on http://hotmail.com website and going to More Options -> Forwarding)
    • If anything is unclear in the explanation above, or if you have problems setting things up as described, please refer to this article which explains Master account concept from a different perspective: http://www.cladg.com/help/tickets/index.php?_m=knowledgebase&_a=viewarticle&kbarticleid=60
    • At this point, your E-mails are fully set up to receive confirmation E-mails from Craigslist
  2. Make sure that your settings allow processing of confirmation E-mails. Go to Settings->Posting->Craigslist->Timing, and check the setting "Maximum time to wait for confirmation E-mail". The default value for this setting is 60 minutes. If you set it to less than 5 minutes, you may encounter problems with CLAD just dropping confirmation E-mails, instead of processing them. This may happen because it takes some time for Craigslist to send confirmation E-mail , then for hotmail to forward it, then for CLAD to retrieve it and then finally to match it to a particular ad posted by CLAD. Sometimes, this process may take up to 5 minutes. In rare cases, it may take even longer. Therefore, it is advised to keep the setting "Maximum time to wait for confirmation E-mail" at its default value, which is 60 minutes.
  3. At times, Craigslist will require your accounts to be phone verified during confirmation stage. For that to happen, you need to set up automatic or semi-automatic verification first. Please refer to this article for instructions: http://www.cladg.com/help/tickets/index.php?_m=knowledgebase&_a=viewarticle&kbarticleid=59
    Once you have automatic verification set up, make sure that you have phone numbers in all of your CL accounts and that phone verification is enabled for these accounts (the box "Attempt to verify this account during posting" in the account properties is checked). You can check this box at once in all of your accounts (or in the selected accounts) using the Bulk Update function under the Group Processing button in the list of CL accounts. The last thing to check is the setting "Automatically disable accounts that hit PVA page during posting". This option should be UN-checked, otherwise CLAD will not attempt to phone verify your accounts, but will rather disable them
With the setup described above, CLAD will make about 5 posts (at times less, at times more), then will get confirmation E-mails for these posts and process them all at once. Then make around 5 posts again, then process confirmations, and so on. Such behavior may be optimal if you use proxies which are bound to your CL accounts (this way CLAD will always post and confirm using the same IP address, which is good). Also, it saves time because CLAD does not have to wait for each confirmation E-mail to come, it can make few other posts while E-mails are being delivered. However, at times it is desirable to have CLAD confirm an ad right after it has been posted, even at the expense of extra time needed to wait for confirmation E-mail to arrive. Such approach is helpful when you use dialup/dsl/cable connection to change IPs, where IP rotation may take more time than E-mail delivery. In such cases, you may take advantage of the Sequential mode (under settings/posting/craigslist/timing). Under Sequential mode, CLAD will not post other ads until current post has either been confirmed, or timed out waiting for confirmation E-mail.When using Sequential mode, please make sure that the setting "Make X posts before waiting for confirmation E-mail" is set to 1 (any other setting > 1 is possible, but generally defeats the purpose of sequential mode). Any setting <1 is invalid and will cause unpredictable behavior.

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