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 Training, hands off install, remote configuration, set up software for me
Article Our support is always happy to help you by answering specific questions about the software or helping you with specific issues you may be having. All you need to do is submit a ticket and we will get back to you ASAP.
However, we are not able to help you with general problems like "I am unable to post" or "What should I do to get my ads live" or "Nothing works, help me out" or "How can I become happy" or similar. In order to help you, we need you to describe your problem in detail so that we can understand it and sugges a solution.
We are also unable to offer training services at this time. We have extensive help, FAQ, fully functional demo and video tutorials for you to figure out the software.
Generally, we believe that training is not an efficient way to learn this particular software and encourage you to invest your time in reading, learning and experimenting.
Our experience also shows that in 80% of cases those who order training, still need to do further reading, learning and experimenting on their own, in order to be able to use the software successfully.

If you still want some training from experienced members, you can contact our power users who are willing to provide such services for a fee.
Please find some contacts below:

----------------- !!! ATTENTION !!! ATTENTION !!! ATTENTION !!! --------------
Before you decide to contact people below and/or pay them for their services.
Please keep in mind that WE DO NOT RECOMMEND any of them.
They have NOT been certified by us, have NOT been tested by us and DO NOT report to us.
They may not help you. They may take your money and teach you nothing. They may do other bad things to you.
And we will not be responsible for that. Please keep the above said in mind.
They may as well help you, which is why we are publishing their contacts. But it does not mean that we recommend them.
Nor does it mean that we guarantee that you will learn anything from them.
In fact, we DO NOT recommend them. And we DO NOT guarantee that they will help you.
We recommend that you learn the software using our demo and FAQ pages.

skype: marketingbasics
phone# 202 455 3399
email: marketingbasics22@gmail.com

ATTENTION!!! We have been told by some of our users that the people above scammed them. We can't tell whether that is true or not. But please be careful.

Please keep in mind that we are not affiliated with them in any way, and cannot assume any responsibility for their performance.
Please do not take this as a recommendation from us. Rather, it is a hint to get you started.

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