26 May 2018 
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 "Posting too rapidly" on Craigslist
Article This error from Craigslist doesn't really mean what it says.
Of course, your intuitive move in this case would be to just increase some kind of timeout or time delay in CLAD to make Craigslist happy. However, in most cases this doesn't solve the problem. To understand how to solve it, ask yourself a question: how does Craigslist KNOW that you are posting too rapidly?
To make that conclusion, Craigslist has to know when was the last post you made, then it has to measure the time between the last post you made and the current post you are making. If this time difference is less than some threshold (let's just say 30 minutes, though the value is purely hypothetical) - it will tell you that you are posting too rapidly.
Sounds logical, isn't it? Now if you think a little deeper, aren't you bothered by a fact that Craigslist can link these two posts of yours together (if it can calculate time difference between two posts, then it must have some way to know that these two posts were made by a single person, not by different people, right?) Which brings us to the conclusion, that you are not changing one of your resources often enough, and Craigslist finds a pattern in your posting technique, which allows Craigslist to identify that it is YOU who posted 2, 3 or maybe 10 posts in a row. How is that possible?

It is possible if you post more than 1 ad on a single IP address.
It is possible if you post more than 1 ad with a single Craigslist account or PVA.
It is possible if you post more than 1 ad with a single E-mail account.
It is possible if you post more than 1 ad with similar content.
It is possible if you post more than 1 ad without clearing cookies
The last one you can cross out, because CLAD clears cookies automatically.

So in order to solve the issue, you need to check how often you rotate your IPs, CL accounts/PVAs/E-mails and content. When you do not give Craigslist a chance to identify that it was YOU who posted the ad 10 minutes ago, you can post ads every second and get away with it.

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