07 Jul 2020 
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 Will CLAD help me with ghosting?
Article The answer is - YES and NO.
YES, because CLAD has may features that can help you avoid ghosting if you understand its cause.
NO, because CLAD does not use any magic, supernatural powers, backdoors, viruses, trojans, secreet agreements with Craigslist or other means to defeat ghosting once and forever.

If you have experience with Craigslist and understand the factors that cause ghosting, CLAD can help you by rotating IP address automatically, by changing content of your ads, by making sure that you do not post too many ads on a single CL account/PVA, by changing browser user agent, and employing other techniques to minimize ghosting issues.

If you have no experience with Craigslist, have no idea what causes ghosting and hope to find a magic instrument to feed your ads into and get published ads right away and with no ghosting - CLAD can't help you in this case.

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Created On: 14 Feb 2012 8:14 PM

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