20 Sep 2019 
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 CheckPublished warnings
Article If you see the yellow messages starting with "CheckPublished: ..." when posting to Craigslist, first of all - do not panic. These are NOT the errors, these are just warnings alerting you that something MAY be wrong when checking for published ad (but is not necessarily wrong). We added these warnings to help people identify why their live ads are not being detected by the software, or detected as Ghosted. In the past, the software would be just silently ignoring these issues. Now it gives you information to help find out why live ads may not be detected as live. If you do not have any problems with detection of live ads, you can safely ignore these warnings.

The warning contains ID of the ad, the URL of the Craigslist listing where the software looks for live ad, and the text of the error returned either by Craigslist or by your proxy/internet connection when the software was trying to load the listing. Again, these are not errors and not critical. They just give you the information why CLAD was not able to load the listing from Craigslist to detect a particular ad.

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