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 How to change IE emulation
Article By default Windows OS enforces the use of very old version of Internet Explorer (7.0) in all applications that embed IE.
As IE7.0 is now obsolete, it is recommended to change IE emulation version to IE 11.0 to support modern browser features.
This change needs to be done manually, as it requires administrative privileges. The following steps need to be taken:
1. Make sure your CLAD is shut down. If unsure, reboot your computer and don't start CLAD yet.
2. Find CLAD Genius icon on your desktop (looks like a yellow light bulb), right click it with your mouse button. You will see drop-down menu. Select "Run As Administrator" there.
3. Please keep in mind that the step above is NOT the same as logging in to Windows under administrator and starting CLAD. Even if you are logged in to Windows as administrator, you Still Need To Take step #2. Step #2 is the most important step and is Not Optional. If you don't do step #2, you will not be able to change IE emulation version successfully, so make sure you follow step #2 exactly as it tells you to.
4. When CLAD is started, click Settings button (gear icon in the upper right corner), select Browser and click Change button. Select "IE 11.0 (11000)" or "IE 11.0 forced (11001)" in the drop down box. Either should work fine. Click OK in the box, then OK in the Settings window
5. Close CLAD Genius
6. Start CLAD Genius normally (Without right-clicking and selecting "Run as Administrator")
7. Go to settings/browser again.Notice the label "Current version of Embedded IE: XXXX". If you did everything correctly, XXXX should be "11.0" and you are done.

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