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 Can you configure my IP solution for me on teamviewer?
Article We are unable to go on teamviewer with you to determine whether your network connection can be used to change your IPs. This is exactly what is written on our purchase page, green box at the bottom
We have written the disclaimer NOT because we are so evil that we do not want to help our customers set up IP solution.
We have written that because it is technically impossible to do that on the teamviewer. That is because once we start changing IPs with your hardware, we will be disconnected immediately from teamviewer session and will not be able to proceed. Even if you reconnect us later, we will not be able to manipulate your hardware once it has been disconnected, which is needed to set it up properly. That is why we require that our customers are able to change IPs by themselves. That is why we mention in our terms of services that $49.95 monthly fee does NOT include setting up your IP solution.

And we have never set up IP solutions for other people over teamviewer - again - this is TECHNICALLY IMPOSSIBLE.

What we do instead, is we ask people to
1. either follow video tutorial on setting up their hardware, if it is one of the supported models (video tutorial is available in our help - green question mark button in the software)
2. or prepare fiddler log and send it to us if the hardware device is not listed
3. or follow this wizard: http://cladg.com/help/tickets/index.php?_m=troubleshooter&_a=steps&troubleshootercatid=2&parentid=0

If you are not able to follow video tutorial or prepare fiddler log, please describe your problem in detail and we will help you to the best of our ability.

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