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 Where does CLAD Genius store the data?
Article All data that you have in CLAD is stored in the Firebird SQL database on your local computer.
Not a single piece of your data is stored on our servers. We do not have any access to your data.
Firebird SQL is a 3rd party database engine, you can find it here: http://firebirdsql.com
The database is stored in a single .fdb file, located in the shared Windows profile directory.
In Windows XP you can find the database under %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application data\cladgenius.com\cladgenius\cafw.fdb
In Windows Vista / Windows 7 you can find the database under %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application data\cladgenius.com\cladgenius\cafw.fdb
In the path above, %ALLUSERSPROFILE% is a Windows environment variable, which expands to actual directory when you type it in the Windows Explorer.
For instace, in order to find database file in Windows XP, you need to open Windows Explorer (do not confuse with Internet Explorer) and type "%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application data\cladgenius.com\cladgenius\"  (without quote marks) in the address bar, then press Enter and you will see the file CAFW.FDB in the list of files, which is CLAD's database file where all data is stored.

The cafw.fdb file is not editable by usual means (notepad, MS Word, MS Excel, etc.).

You can make changes to that file, import or export data only via CLAD or via SQL quieries if you are familiar with Structured Query Language programming
You can use any Firebird SQL client to connect to the database, such as IBExpert or similar. The username and password are SYSDBA/masterkey.

Before connecting to the database with any Firebird client, be sure to install Firebird sever on the computer where you have CLAD running, and make sure that Firebird server is running before you start CLAD. If you do not do that, you will not be able to connect to the database by any external client, and will be receiving "database is in use" messages. When connecting to the database via a 3rd party firebird client, be sure to specify network path, rather than just a path to the file (e.g. c:\programdata\cladgenius.com\cladgenius\cafw.fdb may not work, you may need to specify localhost:c:\programdata\cladgenius.com\cladgenius\cafw.fdb)

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