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 Not enough accounts to post this ad
Article This error can apply to E-mail accounts, CL accounts or PVAs.
If you get this error, please check the following:
  1. You have uploaded/created enough accounts that CLAD is asking for. If you post to Craigslist with CL accounts/PVAs only (no emails), you can explicitly tell CLAD not to look for email accounts and use your CL accounts/PVAs by selecting corresponding posting mode in Settings/Posting/Craigslist/General/Posting mode
  2. Your accounts are validated (green) in the list. CLAD Genius needs to validate accounts before it can use them. If you uploaded your accounts just now, please allow some time for CLAD Genius to finish validating them. CLAD Genius will not use not validated (gray) accounts
  3. Your accounts may have been used by CLAD already within reuse interval and CLAD will not use them again until configured amount of time has passed. For instance, if you have configured 1 ad per 1 account per 48 hours (which is the default setting), and you have loaded just 1 account and CLAD already posted 1 ad with it, then you must either wait 48 hours until CLAD is able to use that account again, you relax account usage restrictions in settings.
  4. If you use CL accounts or PVAs for posting, you can check how many accounts are currently available for posting at any time under Accounts/CL accounts tab, in the information panel to the right of the list of accounts. When you select a particular account, you can check whether it is available for posting by looking at the line "Next posting allowed no sooner than on XXXXX". You can adjust account usage restrictions under settings/posting/craigslist/resources.

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