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 CLAD Genius does not post my ads
Article Things to check:
  1. You are logged in to CLAD Genius
  2. You have ad(s) in the list of ads under Advertisements tab
  3. You have an active license with CLAD Genius. If you are using an evaluation version of CLAD, you still need to activate your Evaluation (free) license that has been mailed to you the moment you registered with CLAD. If you are using LITE license, you cannot post to backpage, kijiji or eBay classifieds - only to Craigslist
  4. You are using the most recent version of CLAD
  5. The ad you want to post is enabled (there is a check in the box to the left of it's name)
  6. The ad you are trying to post has at least 1 category and 1 city selected for Backpage, Craigslist or Kijiji and the combination of city/category exists (some publishers will not have every category in every city, for instance, in Kijiji Personals section is not available in the U.S. cities)
  7. Please read again the last sentence of the item (5). Sorry for repeating, but this is the most common mistake. You may have selected, for instance "buy-sell-trade/business equipment" in Baltimore on the backpage, but CLAD will not post that ad because there is no "business equipment" section on backpage in Baltimore. Why do you see that section in CLAD at all? because it exists in other cities, but not in the Baltimore. So please make sure that the section you have selected actually exists in the city that you have selected for posting
  8. You have not specified Minimum reposting interval in settings
  9. You have correct date/time in the Start Posting (must be less than the current date/time) and Posting Expiration (must be greater than the current date/time) boxes in ad properties. If unsure, just clear those boxes.
  10. You have your reposting policy set correctly. Please read an article on reposting policy for more information. If unsure, select Keep Alive
  11. You have pre-loaded or created E-mail accounts (or Phone Verified Accounts, if those are required to post your ads), those are validated (green) and available for posting (have not been already posted with within your reuse interval (usually 1 ad per 1 account per 48 hours, which is adjustable in settings))
  12. Your ad is not published already. If it is published, CLAD will not repost it until it has been flagged/removed from the listing. If you want to publish it again, you need to set up the schedule. Even if it has been posted a long time ago but still has a status "Published" (meaning that CLAD can see it in the first page of the listsing), CLAD will not re-post that ad
  13. If your ads are scheduled to post at the specific time, and you have the "Start posting date/time" set in the ad properties, it does NOT mean that CLAD will start posting on the date and time specified under the "Start posting date/time". That setting tells CLAD NOT to start posting before the "Start posting date/time", but it does not mean that CLAD will start posting exactly on the "Start posting date/time". Rather, it will obey the schedule rules (if the schedule is set) and reposting rules. Again, "Start posting date/time" is there only to tell CLAD that it should not post before the "Start posting date/time", but it does NOT tell CLAD to start posting on the "Start posting date/time"
  14. You do not have the "Proxifier" software installed. CLAD is not compatible with that software and you need to completely remove it from your computer (using Uninstaller) and reboot, then try posting your ads again
After all of above mentioned items are OK, posting of ads should start automatically.
Please watch the log for warning/error messages.
Usually, CLAD Genius will notify you of the problems it may encounter during posting, like lack of PVA accounts, Emails, inability to rotate IPs etc.
If it does not, please look at the bottom of the main form - in the yellow field there is a brief log that records program's actions.
If there are any errors or warnings, they will be displayed in yellow or red color.
Please search knowledge base to see what those errors mean and how to resolve them.

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Created On: 17 Jun 2010 9:16 PM

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