25 May 2019 
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 My ads are getting Flagged!
Article If your ads are getting flagged, this is very good. That means CLAD has done it's job perfectly and made your ad live.
That means your ad actually went up, but people that were viewing it decided that it is wrong/inapropriate/misleading etc. and pushed Flag button next to your live ad.
Because flagging is generally performed by humans.
So you just have to compile your ad in such a way that it looks good.
Also sometimes flagging is performed automatically by Craigslist content filters if you use inapropriate/banned words/expressions in your ads, disallowed links (URLs) etc.
In any case, flagging is content related. Not CLAD-related.

Solution: please revise your content in such a way that people who read your ads have no chance to dislike it and it does not contain prohibited words/expressions/image links/URLs etc.

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Created On: 06 Jul 2010 11:21 PM

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