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 Demo / Evaluation / Trial license
Article When you download CLAD Genius software for the first time from our website at http://cladg.com and register, you will be automatically issued an EVALUATION license (also known as TRIAL or DEMO license, which is the same as EVALUATION in this context).
Evaluation license has the following characteristics:
  • Evaluation license is totally free and you do not assume any obligations by using it.
  • You will NOT be automatically charged after your evaluation period ends.
  • We DO NOT require any of your personal information. NO credit card, NO real name, NO postal address, etc. - nothing that can identify you or put your personal/financial information at risk is required to run the evaluation version.
  • Evaluation license needs to be activated before you can use it. Activation is totally free and is done by pasting activation code sent to you via E-mail in the CLAD activation window.
  • Evaluation license is not limited in time. I.e., you can log in and work with your evaluation license 100 yeas after you activated it
  • Evaluation license limits the number of ads you can place OR the number of accounts you can create OR the number of phone verifications you can make. Currently, the limit of ads is 50, the limit of accounts is 10, the limit of phone verifications is 20. This means that as soon as you place 50 ads with any or all of the publishers supported by CLAD (Craigslist, Backpage, Kijiji, eBay Classifieds), OR create 10 E-mail accounts with any or all account creators supported by CLAD (GMail, Hotmail) OR verify 20 Craigslist accounts by phone - your Evaluation period stops and your Evaluation license is terminated.
  • After your Evaluation license is terminated due to the reasons indicated above, you will still be able to start the software, access and modify your ads and settings, but you will not be able to post ads or create accounts.
  • If you wish to continue using the software after your Evaluation license is terminated due to the reasons indicated above, you will have to purchase the license. Please visit our purchase page for more information (http://cladg.com/purchase.html). After the purchase, all of your data and settings that you used during the evaluation period will remain intact and you will be able to continue posting the ads you created during the evaluation period

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