15 Aug 2020 
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The program won't start/open/gives errors when starting up
This wizard helps to resolve various start up issues that may arise due to improper installation of CLAD or Windows misconfiguration. Please select the type of problem you have to proceed

 I get ".NET framework required" errors on start up
 I get "CLAD Genius framework encountered an error and needs to be closed" errors on start up
 I get various database errors after CLAD's main window opens
 I get access/permissions error after CLAD Genius main window opens or when posting starts
 I get "cafw.exe is not a windows executable" error on start up
 I get "cannot connect to XXX.XXX.XX.XXX" errors on startup/login
 I get "No active licenses" error after start up
 I get ExecuteReader requires an open and available Connection message on CLAD's startup
 The software installs fine, but nothing happens when I click on CLAD Genius icon on the desktop
 CLAD starts and then exits immediately without any error messages


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