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What better to wear in hot weather, to avoid potential health problems

After a cool spring, when everything is removed warm clothes and wear light, each a female wants to look like a better and more interesting, you can than its peers. A treacherous sun heats the air to such a temperature, when the temperature can rise above 35 degrees. All efforts to make its image more elegant and attractive, are in vain.
In order to avoid health problems, it is necessary that all things summer
(No matter what style) must be such as to be easily passed air and the body they "breathe". If you focus only on the beauty of the clothes, the possible negative consequences for human heat.
It is important to give preference to cotton fabrics. There are special fabric designed specifically for this season. They easily. Many like flax. This - the universal fabric. The clothes of her, happy to buy for people of all ages. Things of linen fabric - perfect for the summer season. a female like loose dresses and sundresses. Men like most things sporty.
If people wear synthetic clothes, in her body not breathing. A man uncomfortable as broken heat. Synthetic fabrics are practical, but in summer it is necessary not to use them. There are things that are at work, for example, to work in the institution, it is necessary to replace the model of the synthetic model of cotton.
The sun's rays are harmful. Do not knowingly invented for summer necessary accessories - hats and sunglasses. Among a variety of forms submitted, everyone can pick out your favorite model, able to protect against the action of ultraviolet radiation.
Shoes for summer, when the red-hot asphalt to the limit, it is necessary for women to choose convenient, which will breathe. It is desirable that it is made of genuine leather, with holes. Sandals too high heels, maybe look elegant, but it is not practical and is harmful to health. Feet in the heat period experiencing tremendous heat and exercise. They should worry about, and buy comfortable heel sandals or sandals without heels.
On the woman's face should be several layers of makeup and cosmetics - many. It is not nice to look at the girl or woman who, under the influence of high temperatures it becomes similar to a panda. Without makeup, in the summer, a woman's face looks much fresher.
So, first of all, in the summer, it is necessary to think in advance about the wearing effects of this or that thing, and its importance for health. складная кушетка косметологическая

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