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The driver for the night (Stretch)

5) The driver for the night (Stretch)
"The driver for the night" - is an American film genre thriller with elements of comedy, showing the audience the story of the driver of the limousine, which are not lucky because losing it is necessary as soon as possible to pay cash debt impressive size, so he readily agrees to all the terms of his new client, a mysterious billionaire, from which we can expect good tips. In the midst of the night becomes too dangerous, life can now be much more valuable than money: the heroes fall into endless scrapes veil and risky behavior. Now, the driver will need to think through the plan a few steps ahead, that would survive until morning and get your money.
Surprisingly, the film was made in a relatively short period of time at the cinema: just 21 days the team needed to create this thriller.
The painting is the fifth full-length product of the hands of Joe Carnahan, in which he managed to collect a number of well-known actors from David Hasselhoff to Norman Reedus. This film can not be described as a full-fledged thriller, as a kind of mix of comedy, action and even melodrama. The film lasts 90 minutes, but over the hour and a half the audience does not have time to get bored, because the screen is always something going on: bright picture, loud music and sound effects. Throughout the film, the story evolves, it is somewhere closer to the middle point of tension reaches its peak and holds the audience's attention for a long time. As is known, if at the beginning of the film, as it were unplanned flashed a gun, he must shoot ...
As for the cast, it should be noted Ed Helms, James Badge and Patrick Wilson. The last in this series, but not least, Patrick Wilson is not widely known, but it should be noted that it is also a one of the film's producers. Helms also responsible for the most strenuous part of the film, he plays an imaginary friend of the main character, embodying and showing the audience his worst fears, but also with the plot together adding a bright touch of chic. At Dale, that particular fame and popularity brought the painting "The Hangover", a role somewhat humorous, but nonetheless quite serious: he actually gets the role of two characters at once.
The film can not be considered complete and perfect, as it is not modified in many ways (here the effect is likely shooting in haste), not drawn in style, and even somewhat rude. Still, from the perspective of the viewer, this film is not without interest, as catches attention and does not let go during the whole show. searchshops.com - best price for laptops

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