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Cities in Belarus

In Belarus, there are many ancient cities. Chronicled the history of Polotsk extends from the IX century, Turov, Vitebsk, Zaslavl - X century; in later centuries chronicles mention even more cities. Cities have always been centers of culture, urban Orthodox and Catholic monasteries - centers of education; in urban life is always in full swing, it was saturated at various events. Belarus Cities, of course, developed slowly, not instantly. Almost all the city arose from the small settlements - settlements or villages, sometimes around the locks, depending on the time of origin, and come a long way in its development. First, in the cities dominated by wooden structures, but later it appeared more and more brick buildings. And now, here and there in various cities of ancient buildings, such as the ON times that remind us of those times. The past is sometimes reminiscent of Belarusian cities and unchanged layout of streets. An important feature of Belarusian cities starting with ON time was Magdeburg Law: Prince gave the city a special privilege, according to which the citizens (later - the commoners) could affect the process of their settlement. In the cities, it was created Magistrate - self-governing body, and the town hall were built for him. Grodno city hall was located on the modern Soviet area, it was rebuilt many times; the city remained without her recently, in the last century. The magistrate was formed from the bench and excited. Residents of those cities that had Magdeburg law, have not been subject to a tycoon, did not pay taxes and they do not have obligations. But in the towns were juridical - of the cities where these rules do not apply. Cities differ from the towns and villages in that part of the population not engaged in agriculture and craft and trade. The Belarusian cities there guilds and guild. Craft - craft unions one industry. Some streets Hrodna previously had names associated with the professions of artisans. Various shops in the cities of Belarus were quite a lot, because, for example, artisans have different specialties. Workshops have even had their seals and coats of arms. A guild - a union of merchants. In addition to towns and villages in the territory of Belarus there were settlements - settlements that had similarities with cities and villages. There lived and artisans, and merchants, and the people that were employed in agriculture. Sometimes towns also received Magdeburg Law. Each city has its own distinctive history; but there are a lot of similarities between them. Et utvalg av de beste Norsk Online Casinoer

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