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Job duties of a systems analyst

The main task of the systems analyst is to ensure the uninterrupted operation of computers and local networks. The work of a systems analyst can be divided into the following stages:

  • selection of the necessary technical means;
  • Connecting and configuring computer hardware and necessary software;
  • Creation of user accounts;
  • setting up access rights to various resources;
  • consulting with users;
  • support of the work process and prompt correction of urgent problems.

Pros and cons of

Main advantages:

  • constant demand for qualified specialists;
  • Worthy labor remuneration (depends on the company);
  • Opportunity to learn a profession on specialized courses;
  • Opportunity to improve their skills on the basis of existing experience and move to a more important position in the IT-sphere.

Disadvantages of working in the position of a systems analyst:

  • extensive list of responsibilities;
  • a wide range of necessary knowledge;
  • constant emotional stress;
  • strain on the eyes;
  • limited opportunities for career growth in small companies.

Training. Career. Requirements

You can learn the profession of a Resume Example for Network System analyst in higher education, as well as in colleges or technical schools. Such specialties and training areas are ideal:

  • Computer networks;
  • Applied computer science;
  • Computer systems and complexes;
  • Information and analytical security systems;
  • Computer security, etc.

There is also an alternative training option - courses. This format is suitable for people who already have some idea about working with computers and computer networks. In 4-6 months, a student can fill in the gaps in his knowledge and acquire the necessary skills.

This profession assumes an excellent and versatile knowledge of computer architecture, configuration and maintenance. In addition, a systems analyst is required to be distinguished by such personal qualities:

  • calmness;
  • stress resistance;
  • communication skills;
  • responsibility;
  • the ability to quickly switch from one task to another;
  • the ability to explain his thoughts clearly;
  • constant desire for self-development.

Job Search

Qualified system analyst have long been in great demand in the labor market. However, a huge number of specialists graduate each year who can apply for this position. You can improve your chances of successful employment with a quality resume. There are a number of recommendations that help make this document as effective as possible.

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