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Depriving yourself of happiness voluntarily - internal negativity

Internal negative can be considered that, then that person has decided for himself. "All men - the goats" and "all women - fools" - familiar pattern? This is the internal negative.
The constant assertion that there are no good people, the belief that something is impossible, or otherwise does not happen. It's a program that a person writes for himself, not knowing anything. "All men are free ..." - I wonder how many times to repeat this assertion girl just broke up with her boyfriend. Of course, over time, about a guy she forgets, but the belief that all men are equal is not going anywhere and will pursue all his life.
If you tell yourself every six months, "I'm lazy", that is nothing more than an attempt to self-education. But if you repeat it at least once a month, then it is a program that over time will begin to work, and people will increasingly justify their inaction.
That is what a man thinks, that he draws in his life and did not even need to go to sorcerers, that they also cause damage to the detractors, is for the person to repeat several times that he was "lazy" or tell her that "all men - the same "how to run a program. It is human nature to put yourself blocks, you can endlessly wish for something, but at the same time did not believe that this is possible. The power of faith here is the destructive and creative force, which is subject to each person.
Get rid of 100% is not possible from the negative thinking, but you can force yourself to think differently. Or stock up on amulets and artifacts that will help not only in its direct purpose, but also to get rid of negative thoughts and words. For example, if a person acquires Ward, who is responsible for harmony in family relationships, his thoughts immediately changed. Now, thinking that "I have a powerful amulet, now everything will be fine," the person and the truth will be all right. And if the guardian is also endowed with magical powers, then the person is all just fine.
But it is worth remembering that there is no artifact does not guarantee the execution of desire, if a person does not believe in its power. Mages can, of course, to save people from the negative, both external and internal, but if there is no impact of the "patient" is a guaranteed process drags on for months. If the external negative mage can easily dispel, then internal, which primarily include negative thoughts, it is very difficult to handle. This film like the plague, hitting the man does not want to go so easy. searchshops.com - price comparison for electronics: compare prices for laptops

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