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Restriction of freedom in relations

Every person living on the planet, dreams of freedom, but not only, as all the usual signs, and on the freedom of all: freedom of action, speech, thought, and the main thing - relations. By linking with the fate of his chosen one, the man gives him all his feelings, dreams, desires, trust, hope, understanding and impact. But should look like a real relationship? What is the essence of love? And whether it is possible to limit the freedom of a loved one?
The feeling of jealousy - these are the biggest enemy of all lovers. Jealous means to show distrust of a loved one. Relationships are built on a misunderstanding, will collapse even from the smallest breeze. What would keep the peace for tourists, it is necessary to try very much: to build a relationship brick by brick: love, understanding, trust, mutual support, honesty and sincerity. Jealous lover or loved one, as they say, to "every tree" is to tear down the foundation of his house, which, in turn, in the future, may be the only place that is warmed by the hard reality.
Restricts the freedom of a man whom we love - the most selfish decision that can only take a notion to mind. There are times when a guy prohibits girl communicate with her friends because he was jealous, or vice versa. A sane person would say: "Yes it's wrong!". That this is the essence of understanding and trust. Love does not tolerate cheating, but the prohibitions and restrictions completely hates. This man or a lady proudly and confidently remarked: "I am not jealous of your mate, for it destroys the sense of our relationship. I have the right not to limit his or her space with some restrictions, because in this way I will destroy the happiness I have close to me. The happiness we share a common means and trust each other, we must fully ... ". Words with special respect should be an oath anyone who cares that it has.
In fact, the relationship - vesch that surprises with its brightness, a unique and inexplicable interest every day. People are trying to study, follow-up, to understand it. Although it is almost impossible, because all the senses come from the heart, and read what is written in the soul of the person is impossible. But the relationship can be strengthened, and it's a long time ago is known to every lover. Adhering to the rules of humanity, such as "do not lie", "to be honest", "help each other", "support", "to love with all my heart", "try to understand" we can really prove their feelings and build relationships that bestow we heavenly happiness.
Therefore, the conclusion comes out by itself, limit the loved one means nothing more than to ruin their own happiness. Unforgettable erotic massage in Lviv beautiful prostitutes from Lviv

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