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Description of the film - Horoscope for good luck

Horoscope for good luck


Comedy, Romance

Duration: 96 minutes

Director: Arman Gevorgyan

In every person's life once it happens is an event that turns the whole life. In it you can be trusted, and you can not believe. Maxim from the marketing department, too, at first did not believe in miracles. Only what he believed, like most people, it is necessary to wait a little more, and all will be. At work, everything will be fine, will come true love for life. In the meantime, he lives with a cat.

Maxim horoscope Taurus. But he said that it is useless to read horoscopes, as his zodiac sign - "hick". And the "sucker" every day forecast for the same - to be the loser.

Failures at work and problems in his personal life, Maxim suggest the idea that it is necessary to turn to an astrologer, and find out whether or not he sign "goof", and what to do.

Astrologer at the sight of Maxim, says that he urgently needs to change lives, starting today. If Maxim does not do this, the next opportunity to change a life is only 700 years. Maxim is not satisfied with the status quo, and he agrees. The astrologer gives him a book with recommendations for each day, following which, Maxim will acquire happiness and be able to change lives for the better.

Following the first recommendation, Maxim was able to gain the respect of his superiors.

Following the second recommendation, Maxim has created the project "Spirits of the signs of the Zodiac", and went with him to the office to Rita Alexandrovna, a specialist in the field of perfumery, which Maxim authorities decided to conclude an agreement. But Maxim so disgraced the presentation that Rita A. abandoned the project, considering it "last year". Now Rita surprised Maxim new idea and agreed to cooperate.

Maxim has been secretly in love with Rita, but did not dare to express their feelings. Following one of the recommendations of the astrologer, Maxim invites Rita for lunch.

Seeing the development of relations Maxim and Rita, remains dissatisfied with Lena - the daughter of the chief. It has long been in love with Maxim, but he did not reciprocate her. Astrologer helped to cope with this problem. Maxim followed his recommendation, and Lena she refused his love.

But then, Lena, deciding that Maxim should belong only to her, thinking about how it can be returned. Lena secretly snuck into the house of Maxim, to inspect his apartment and found there astrologer book recommendations. Lena replace them by writing with its recommendations, actions which ultimately lead to the solution of Maxima to marry Lena.

Does Maxim subsequent recommendation "astrologer"? Or choose the woman he loves? Laan penger til det du vil. Paa vaare sider finner du forbrukslaan uten sikkerhet som du kan bruke til hva du vil. Fra 5000 til 500000 kroner

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