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Features Wolf Among Us - Ep1

Fables Series ( "Tales", "Myths", "Tradition") tells the story of the modern world in which they live and live the heroes of different fairy tales. For example, the Three Little Pigs and seven kids go to work. Bag of Bones and the Knights of the Round Table talk at McDonalds. Baba Yaga and Rapunzel work as a clerk. From the human eye fantastical creatures hides the magic, called "glamor» (glamour), hide the horns, hooves and tails for quite a worldly appearance.

The series is somewhat similar to the Neil Gaiman novel "American Gods" (in 2001 he received the Hugo Award for it) but it is based on quite different ideas. In the world of Gaiman heroes of fairy tales and myths the gods live, because people continue to believe in them. In the world of Fables this does not happen, and do archetypes folklore characters bear little resemblance to their prototypes of the tales.

The protagonist of The Wolf Among Us - Big Grey Wolf (Big Bad Wolf, abbreviated Bigby (Bigby)) of the tales of the Brothers Grimm. Plenty pokurolesit in the past, he tries to fix, becoming sheriff Feybltauna (Fabletown) - settlement of heroes tales of ordinary people. Tales (Fable, Fable), one more beautiful than the other - Beauty changes the monsters, flying monkey Bafkin of the "Wizard of Oz" is applied tightly to the bottle, and Snow White after her divorce from Prince Charming trying to build a career.

Bigby - a typical hero nuarny stories - stern silence, chopped phrases, is not averse to drink and fight. Perfect, in general, the sheriff. That would be Max Payne if smaller abused painkillers and some John Wayne hero - hypertrophic masculism is not in doubt in their ability to address the issues.

But just to address issues in Bigby things are so-so - casually greeted a prostitute literally loses her head and a murder, we are investigating the whole game and figuring out all new and new details, where everything is not so simple.

Telltale not have to Telltale, though, and the game does not try to shove their brand «the story is tailored by how you play» - depending on your actions in the dialogues of the plot can go one way or another, important witnesses can kill, and the evidence can be not recognize. As with TWD, the game was divided into 5 episodes, which will be released throughout the year until the summer of 2014 - so far released only one episode of «Faith» and it was good.

People making the game-movie (Cage, I'm looking at you), for some reason, believe that in order to do an unique gameplay Experience and game-at-all-times, just enough to come up with as many options.

Well, there is, for example, a character walks into the shower and can not only wash, but let's say, a towel to wipe the mirror, go in a little (or even in a large), brush your teeth, and even change clothes clean underwear. Variability grows from chapter to chapter, but all these actions have nothing to do with the actual game itself or its plot. Apparently it is believed that the more courses of action, the more likely that the players will enjoy all this and save us from shame. But it does not help, somehow. Решение от плохого мобильного сигнала Вам поможет - Усилитель сотовой связи , с помощью усилителя можно усилить связь в квартире, загородном доме, в подвальном помещении!

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