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Simple safety advice for beginners soothsayers

Often healers, fortune tellers, tarot reader come from working with patients without thinking about the simple rules of compliance with safety regulations. Meanwhile, in close communication with customers, who entrust their problems, fears and secrets between diviner and the client opens a communication channel that provides access to the subconscious. Information moves through the channel on both sides, because the soothsayers should be able to not gain negative querent (the questioner).
Simple rules for the novice diviner on the cards
1. Before you begin, you need to calm down. If a fortuneteller is not healthy or recovering from any stress, you can not begin to divination. To read the card correctly, you need a smooth adjustment. Intense emotions, both negative and positive, would contribute interference.
2. For the same reason in relation to the questioner (querent) during the session need to hold a certain inner distance. It can be felt intuitively. We must sympathize querent as a person, but should not merge with its problems. Maps should draw from the deck and open questioning himself, for the same reason.
3. Rituals for setting a clear vision of playing a supporting role. They should not be an end in itself. If you can not imagine how you can focus without the mantras and candles, tobacco sticks and your favorite music - please, let them go to you for good. But if over time you learn to tune in to the session only on the fact that sit at the table and pulled out a card, that's fine, and rituals are not necessary.
4. It is recommended not to cross the legs, open the legs and in a position to keep their entire session. So you express the openness of our being and are contributing to the exchange of information without barriers and unnecessary stress. It is important that divination took place in a quiet place so noise is not distracting and does not have any interference. Breathing should be deep and smooth.
5. Opening practice, soothsayers important from the early days to determine empirically how many people a day he can take without damage to itself and visitors. None of the average rate is not here, it all depends on your state of spiritual energy and physical health. To specify the limits, not exceed it.
6. After the session of divination should be given "load" the water, the greatest healer. Suitable all - from simple washing of hands before bathing in the lake, if there is such a wonderful opportunity.
7. It is important to learn how to relate to payment for their labor. You share the energy and knowledge Querent pays you money for the work. After payment of the fee a session there completed, closes the communication channel between the diviner and his client.
So, the rules are simple and natural, at the same time they will help to keep your work clear spirit! Successful and clean work! ISSUES WITH FLIGHT? Get flight delay compensations up to 510 euro per one person.

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