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Traveling in Friv Spain - Madrid

It's nice when a new acquaintance with the country starts directly at its heart - its capital. In fact, it is right, because no country in which there is no such city as the capital, because it is only fully reveals the true face of power. For Spain, this city was Madrid. And although today the political situation in the country a little bit unstable, Madrid still remains the legitimate capital of the state, which was for many centuries.

Spanish metropolis of Madrid has two functions - it is not only the capital of the state, but also has the proud title of the largest city of the kingdom. The city's population is about three and a half million inhabitants. It is located in the country and has no outlet to the sea, the heart. The climate in the city is quite harsh: in summer the temperature here reaches forty degrees above zero. It is interesting that, despite such a strong, almost tropical heat, almost every winter people of Madrid enjoy the snow that falls here. Play best friv online games friv2online.com site. 

How to tell the archaeological excavations, the first settlement appeared in the territory of modern Madrid, about a hundred thousand years ago, though the town appeared here much later. The exact date of the city's founding is unknown, although history says that Muhammad founded his Cordoba I. The first documented mention of the growing city belongs to the middle of the 10th century. Immediately after the founding of the city, who, though he was the object of winning several times, began to develop quite rapidly. The most rapid development, he got in the middle of the 16th century. 

By the early 19th century, the city began to acquire its modern appearance. The houses began to appear sewerage system and water supply. Madrid continues to evolve to this day, though the development of today is different from the former: in new buildings in the Art Nouveau style, and the town's population increases, because everyone wants to live in the center of the country.
In Madrid, there is a lot to see: the remains of the fortress wall, which was surrounded by the city back in the 14th century, Independence Square and the Puerta de Alcalá on it, many art and history museums and, of course, the royal palace. 

The combination of all the attractions of the city does not look ridiculous. Vice versa. Today the city looks very harmoniously thanks to the combination of such a large number of ancient monuments. Here you can listen to music, watch a bullfight and go to football - Madrid offers its visitors and residents of the entire spectrum of entertainment. 

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