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Variety of laser levels

None of the repair is complete without marking plane level, you can not build a house without a precise layout of the foundation, roof and walls. For this purpose, laser levels, laser levels another name. Without this handy device markup would occupy a lot of time and get the high precision, especially in the far distance, it would be very problematic.
Lasers are divided into several categories:
Rangefinder - measures the distance to an object, using it you can easily measure the distance from wall to wall and from floor to ceiling, not without reason in everyday life it is called laser tape measure.
Builders axes static - dot builds axis rays is usually 3 or 5. Point the laser gives a point to indicate the direction you need. The lines are perpendicular to each other, it is very helpful to mark the walls or shuttering. Also point level gives a bright point and it is much more convenient to use on the street.
Builders static lines - this level builds lines are usually two of them - vertical and horizontal, is obtained from the cross of laser lines. Another name for this builder krosslayner. Typically, the angle of sweep krosslaynera 120 degrees, but there are models and scan 160 degrees. The only drawback of the builder - it is a small range of about 20 meters.
Builder, building a plane, rotary - is used to build planes, operating range of the leveling of 50-70 meters, which makes it possible to use it in an open space. And if you use a special receiver for the beam, the distance increases to 250-300 meters. Typically, rotary builders build the horizontal and vertical planes, but there are builders who can build the angular plane.
Also laser builders differ in the types of alignment:marble polish service
Levels manual alignment, are smoothed by the usual level with a bubble, built-in self builder.
Builders with pendulum mechanism - this level makes a few movements of the pendulum and attain to the level under its own weight. these levels are often equipped with an optical or acoustic signal notifying that the level is in working order and ready for use.
It is also aligned with Levels electronic sensors, a level gathers information from the sensors and servo motors align the beam.
There are builders and alignment with the combined methods.
Conventionally Levels may be divided further into several classes:
One beam - level works only in one plane
Two beams - level makes it possible to work in two planes
Three beam - data laser level you can build a plane or point of rays in three planes.

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