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Juicy chicken fillet in original breading

Chicken fillet cooked in breadcrumbs from ground crackers, white sesame, grated cheese and chopped nuts is very juicy, tender and incredibly mouth-watering, and it is recommended to serve this dish at the festive table.
   Serving chicken cooked in such an unusual breading is recommended with boiled basmati rice and some light salad of fresh vegetables.
   - Parmesan or some other hard cheese (140 g);
   - freshly ground white pepper (5 g);
   - a mixture of any herbs (17 g);
   - peeled walnuts (18 g);
   - freshly squeezed lemon juice (42 ml);
   - aromatic sesame oil (46 ml);
   - chicken fillet (430 g);
   - ground breadcrumbs for breading (48 g);
   - flavored salt (4 g);
   - white sesame seeds (18 g);
   - sweet ground paprika (8 g).
   Cooking process:
  Rinse the chicken fillet thoroughly in cold water and dry, then cut into two identical pieces, which need to be slightly beaten through a plastic wrap with a kitchen hammer.
   Transfer the chopped chicken pieces into a bowl, pour ground paprika, herbs, salt and white pepper in the same dish, pour half a portion of sesame oil. Add lemon juice, mix everything well, then cover the dishes with chicken pieces with cling film and put aside for a quarter of an hour.
   Now you need to prepare a special breading, and for this you need to prepare a medium-sized bowl, pour wheat croutons into it.
   Finely chop walnuts, then grate hard cheese, send these ingredients to a bowl with ground breadcrumbs, add white sesame seeds, mix everything well.
   Roll marinated chicken pieces in this unusual breading, then fry them on all sides to a beautiful golden crust over moderate heat in the remaining sesame oil.
   Transfer the fried chicken pieces to a dish, serve them warm with fresh herbs and some vegetables, sliced.
   Mistresses note:
   Chicken breading can also be prepared from other ingredients, for example, from larger crackers, in which case it is recommended to cook pieces of chicken in the oven.
   Those who like spicy and spicy dishes can add some spices, for example, crushed coriander seeds, to the classic breading from ordinary ground crackers. In addition, spicy ground pepper, as well as some spicy dried herbs, can be added to breadcrumbs if desired. online casino real money nz

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