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Creating a logo - the rules of gun games work with the customer

Every profession has its own subtleties, nuances and instructions play gun games . Even such a creative profession, as a designer, not without certain rules workflow. Strict adherence to the rules will ensure customer understanding and artist, eliminate ambiguities and structures itself a creative work process. Creating a logo - a creative process, but it can be subjected to the rules of the organization for the greater benefit of both parties - the client and the designer.

The primary rule when dealing with the customer should be the terms of reference filling, in which the necessary information to create a logo clearly spelled out, the main customer requirements, the conditions of acceptance and payment of a logo or more of its correction. If the enterprise customer's corporate identity has been developed, it must provide a brand-book (or, in simpler. Set of rules for the use of corporate identity) to the designer. Also, no harm will be in constant contact with the representative of the client company to clarify the issues appearing in the process of creating the logo. 

There are situations where the customer seems that only under his guidance (read the dictation) possibly successful creation of the logo), which is more typical for small and medium-sized firms, requires patience and understandable explanation on the fingers, is why it is advisable to use such as a diamond, and not an ellipse and "little red" color, and orange. All changes and customer proposals must be recorded in writing and entered in the terms of reference. Sometimes the situation requires counseling client with a specialist - a marketer, a landmark in the design, helps clients realize that the logo selection should make no mother, wife, grandmother or great-aunt, and, ideally, specially selected people that make up the focus group - consumers of products or the customer services of the enterprise.

However, since this method, though the most accurate. At the same time is the most expensive, the customer who wants to save is to rely on the experience and expertise of designers, marketers and advertisers. Logo creation must occur within the general concept of marketing policy and corporate enterprise style, ideal logo should attract attention, easy to remember and clearly identified on the logo of a competitor (unless you do not plan to manufacture products - imitation of the famous company example - Dolce Gabbana - Dolce Cabbana - Bolce Cabbana etc.). 

If the customer is satisfied with his proposed logo layout and logo was approved, remind, to avoid problems in the future, it is necessary to patent rights to the logo. Implementation of these rules will free from hassle as the artist and the customer, and to the mutual benefit of both will facilitate the communication during the creation of the logo.

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