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The truth and lies about giveaways and followers on Instagram

Instagram is a great platform for talented people, to showcase their talent. And in the recent years, Instagram has gained popularity due to the small tweaks and also huge changes, which the platform has gone through. Right from the app icon, to Instagram stories, there have been a lot of improvements, and all of them have been done to make the user feel better. Not just to make the user feel better, but also to enhance his overall experience. With all the new changes, people have come to know that now it’s actually very much under their radar, to start a business on Instagram. But then again, there are a lot of factors which determine that how our business would progress with time.

What are those factors? Giveaways is one of them. Though at first, we will have a look at all of them, and then we will talk about the credibility of giveaways. Let’s get going!

The factors which influence a business on Instagram

Well the most important factor which influences a business is the audience. It depends that how many people are engaged to your Instagram page.

The secret is to drive the traffic over to your page. And as an Instagram user, as soon as you are in the limelight, the show begins! But to set the ball rolling, it’s important to have as many followers as you can. Once you have a lot of followers, your next job is to keep them happy as well as satisfied. And well, you can do that either by choosing their preferences and bringing them into your work, or by modifying yours and making it advantageous for them.The above sentence may sound a bit complex, but the simple explanation of that is that you will have to bring their ideas and creativity in your work. That can be done with the help of collecting feedback, etc.And this is where, even giveaways play a major role.

What are giveaways?

We will have a look at it, and then we’ll also look at some examples, while discussing the credibility of giveaways and stuff.

Giveaways and their reality

In giveaways, you purchase some items related to your niche, and you give them to some selected users through a contest, or as per your own choice. For example, if you are a tech YouTuber who is into reviewing smartphones, then you’d give some particular pieces of a latest smartphone, to your viewers. You’d either do it manually, or use a software such as gleam. If we talk about some real-life examples, then we can talk about Marques Brownlee, Gaurav Chaudhary, etc., who actually organize giveaway contests for their viewers. While the former does so less frequently, the latter does it more often. Well, what’s the purpose of doing so?
Of course, gaining more followers.

YouTubers are smart enough to mention that the viewers would have to subscribe to their channel, in order to participate in the giveaway. Smart, right? Sounds amazeballs, right? Yes, indeed.

While you would consider buying Instagram followers a good way, so is organizing a giveaway contest through the same platform. But then on the other hand, while some of the people are true about giveaway and stuff, a lot of them lie about it too. A lot of channel as well as business owners make false promises of giveaway and later on, they fail to deliver. They do so, in order to get the engagement of their viewers. And once they get followers, they don’t fulfil their promises. Well, it is evident in today’s industry, where people are in such a hurry of getting followers and they want all of it to happen, within minutes. Just to get to thousands of followers in some minutes, account owners fool their viewers.

And that’s how the importance of fake giveaways, and buying followers, and other methods has risen. To be honest, that is not really a good note to start off your business with. The thrilling excitement and mood of your viewers is spoiled completely, once they get to know that they were betrayed, and that after waiting for months, they weren’t going to get their smartphone.

In conclusion, giveaways are beneficial for growing your fan base, if you have an honest approach towards the same. In return, you may skip buying Instagram followers!
So it’s a two way process, and it will help you as well as your profile in growing.

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