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What are the benefits of chokeberry?

Aronia, better known as chokeberry or even chernoplodki is indigenous native of North America. Surprisingly, because it occurs in our country it seems to be in every garden and the garden. Many of us ignore the fruits of this shrub, but in vain - the benefit it can bring no less, and even more than others, more attractive by their taste properties of berries.
The chokeberry fruits contain a lot of sorbitol, which is a natural sweetener. This is a very valuable property of berries for people suffering from diabetes. Also, to a large concentration of the compounds they contain iodine, and vitamin P. The tannins, ascorbic acid, riboflavin, carotene, citrine - all of these substances are known to us all rich chernoplodki.
Aronia berries are very useful for people suffering from hypertension. It has a hypotensive effect and relieves spasms.
There is in the arsenal of chokeberry and properties such as excretion of bile from the body and increase the level of acidity of gastric juice. However, because of its properties of aronia berries absolutely contraindicated for people suffering from gastritis and peptic ulcer zheludka.Plody chokeberry are useful not only in fresh form. The juice of the berries has excellent hypotensive and antispasmodic properties. It is useful in the treatment of diseases such as scarlet fever or measles. And even radiation injuries from chernoplodki juice is an excellent means of treatment.
A healthy person is also not underestimate the benefits of these berries. Due to the high content of various vitamins and minerals Aronia strengthens the immune system and normalizes the endocrine system. If you do not like fresh berries of this shrub, there are a bunch of recipes are juices, jams, jellies, compotes. Especially tasty combination of berries such as cherries, currants and gooseberries. And you can dry the berries and cook compotes winter.
By the way, for slimming chokeberry - a storehouse of vitamins to maintain health. Its calorie content is only 55 calories, but due to high content of substances such as antotsiny, it also helps get rid of the false sense of hunger and avoid overeating.
And this is our familiar black chokeberry, which we very often underestimate. No wonder in Latin her name - Aronia melanocarpa - translated as "black berry useful." Omegle girls and Stickam Videos from best webchat

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