• Understanding triode principle

    The source of amplified output is power supply connected to collector. We consider it as a pool connected to a collector. The more collector damper is open, greater will be water flow (Ic); base current (Ib) For example, amount of...


  • This article analyzes in detail principle of triode.

    Archive This article analyzes in detail principle of triode.

    About triode, I think everyone in iron business should have read basics, now we can learn new things by looking at past, so it's best to watch it with questions. Here I prepared some questions, let's look at these questions. 1.W...


  • Tank inductance calculation

    The buck converter, also called buck converter, is a series switching power supply. The function is to convert input high voltage into low voltage that people need. Do not use AC 220V power, and DC 310V after rectification and fi...


  • You should be familiar with these 10 simple and practical methods for dissipating heat on PCBs.

    For electronic equipment, a certain amount of heat will be generated during operation, which will cause internal temperature of equipment to rise rapidly. If heat is not dissipated in time, equipment will continue to heat up, and ...


  • Focus! Don't pull PCB track carelessly

    Blindly pull thread, even pulling is useless! When some small partners do PCB layout, board is ready to go. Due to insufficient or lack of analysis at an early stage, post-processing is difficult. For example, after extruding a ...


  • The principle of operation and characteristics of relay (relay)

    One, relay (relay) working principle and characteristics When an input value (such as voltage, current, temperature, etc.) reaches set value, controlled output circuit turns on or off. It can be divided into two categories: electr...


  • Project of using ESD diodes as voltage limiters in input amplifiers

    In many applications where input is not controlled by system but connected to outside world, such as test equipment, instrumentation, and some sensor equipment, input voltage may exceed input amplifier's maximum voltage rating. . ...


  • Can board withstand 100A?

    The current of a conventional PCB design does not exceed 10A or even 5A. Particularly in consumer and consumer electronics, as a rule, continuous operating current on PCB does not exceed 2A. However, if you want to design power wi...


  • RC downgrade secret, I don't know how many people will be fooled

    I guess a lot of people have a better understanding of what RC step-down is, but they don't show much interest in RC step-down. This is because: Design parameters, as a rule, are far from real test (because idea is wrong, we will ...


  • What is a voltage tracker?

    1. What is a voltage tracker? Voltage tracking is an integrated circuit that outputs a voltage to VOUT pin that is equivalent to voltage applied to ADJ (VADJ) pin. It's called a voltage sensor because it monitors input voltage a...


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