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Perception of a ten-year-old workplace of an old electronics engineer


I have been working as an electronics engineer for more than ten years and do not consider myself a promising person. Looking around, I did not see a single promising person! Looking back on my career as an engineer, I am overwhelmed with emotion and want to say a few heartfelt words that can also be seen as a reminder to our younger and younger sisters: I hope they are better than us!

Perception of a ten-year-old workplace of an old electronics engineer

1. The ambivalence of an electronic beginner to "nothing to do, no one to teach, work without technical content"

Newcomers to electronics are often impatient, refuse to move forward, refuse to calm down, and fear losing face. I am not afraid of humiliating moments: remember everyone who makes you lose face, they are your nobles. I am grateful to those who embarrassed him, I am grateful to those teachers who inspired him, I am grateful to those who threw rotten eggs at him; It is normal to be busy and idle in electronic research and development. The lack of a general understanding of electronics industry makes newcomers feel like they have nothing to do; lack of good communication with colleagues leads to fact that there is no one to teach newcomers; lack of deep work analysis makes newcomers feel like there is nothing to do. Learn to find things to do, observe with humility and sincerity, ask questions, and you can get rid of ambivalence of "nothing to do, no one to teach." That's how I got here step by step. 2. Electronic engineers in cities and towns are better

Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen are four cities with highest concentration in electronics industry. There are many job opportunities here. Most of research and development centers or headquarters of many multinational companies are located in these four cities. Big cities have high housing prices, high transport costs, fast pace of work and high pressure, but they also have a lot to choose from. Apart from work, small towns are more suitable for living. I was in a small town in early days and I could walk to work in 15 minutes. I insisted on taking a morning bath every morning. I never stayed in spring, summer, autumn and winter. In 2006, I came to center of Shanghai to work by accident. Generally speaking, cities and towns have their own advantages, and they all represent a way of life. If you value work and a career, you may be more suited to big cities if you have more opportunities; if you want to find a place more suitable for living, you can choose to develop in a small town.

Perception of a ten-year-old workplace of an old electronics engineer

3. An electronic engineer of a large company or a small company is better

Newcomers to electronics tend to pick big companies when they first start out. Large companies are stable, and there are many electronic specialists in accumulation, so there are more opportunities to study technology, and at same time learn about their lifestyle. It would be better if you could enter a foreign company and stay there for 3-5 years. A complete workflow and a special corporate culture can form your good habits and benefit you forever. In Pearl River Delta, I worked for a large company with over 50 electronics R&D engineers, and in Shanghai, I joined a large international company with a large number of hardware and software systems professionals, many of whom were from IBM, GE, etc. also have a lot of sea turtles and doctors waiting to change jobs. However, if your personal ability reaches a certain level, you may be able to move to a small company and it will be a completely different sky. 4. Electronic engineers who prefer hardware or software are better

Generally speaking, for same working year, software-focused workers earn slightly higher wages than hardware-focused jobs. experience in software-focused positions will affect job changes; equipment-oriented positions will have more development prospects in long run, it will be easier to change professions in future, and you can find more fun; real master is both software and hardware. For a while I wandered between hard and soft, and reluctantly chose hard, and found that it really suits me. 5. Depth of focus or breadth of focus in e-learning

Pure advanced technology cannot bring you wealth. Many newbies in electronics always think that if they learn ARM, FPGA and can draw 10 or more layers of PCBs, they will definitely be able to bring in high salaries, but this is not case. Technologies are interconnected and it is easy to focus on learning one technology with all your heart and soul. It is safest to understand current situation and specifics of industry and delve into technology combined with reality. Last week I had lunch with a former colleague in Jinqiao, Shanghai. Speaking about whether technology should focus on depth or breadth, he said: “Too much advanced technology is sleeping. Depth is not necessarily useful, nor is breadth. technology is most useful.”

Perception of a ten-year-old workplace of an old electronics engineer

6. Communication and technical skills are more important for electronic engineers

Many engineers blindly focus on technology, ignoring importance of communicating with people, and cannot be reused by a company for a long time; more engineers think that they have mastered popular technologies, such as smart phones, wireless, etc., will definitely be able to change their lives and make them feel more satisfied. In fact, an electronics engineer will have best prospects if he focuses on mastering core technologies of his industry in conjunction with his own reality, constantly updating his self-concept, increasing his level of self-improvement, and thinking about ways and means of dealing with people. In many cases, communication with people is more important for an electronic engineer than technical skill. 7. How to Become a Master Electronics

The job of an electronics engineer is to assemble a bunch of devices, implement ideas (programs), perform functions that cannot be done when these devices are separated, and make a finished product that can be sold. Technical masters need constant accumulation. The attitude to learning is important, teaching method is important, learning environment and a good teacher are more important, and most importantly, this is self-generalization and self-knowledge, that is, constant understanding after mastering certain basic knowledge. Focus on one industry, be prepared to struggle for ten or at least 3 to 5 years to master industry's core technologies; be diligent in thinking and always have a sense of inspiration; Passionate for delicacy and rigor, I believe you will be an electronic master in a few years.

Perception of a ten-year-old workplace of an old electronics engineer

8. Which electronics engineer is most popular

The overall quality of electronic engineers is generally improving. Electronic engineers who are fluent in English or another second foreign language, are good at computer operations, communicate well with people, have made achievements in one field, have a complete understanding of electronics industry system, and can continue to learn. most popular. In other words, "generic electronics engineer" is most popular. Doing right project, meeting right boss, and moving from technology to high level is often desirable. In addition to your own efforts, fate is very important in order to get into desired company. 9. What is path to deep technology development and career change?

From hardware or software to embedded software engineer; from embedded software engineer to system architecture engineer; from hardware to software, from software to testing; electronics engineer depending on actual conditions. to your situation and personal hobbies, you can find another heaven if you change careers at right time. I have a lot of colleagues around me and career change was very successful. A colleague has gone from being an embedded software engineer to doing testing to becoming a master in embedded software testing, and has been reused in company.

Perception of a ten-year-old workplace of an old electronics engineer

10. How to abandon technology and change jobs?

Try to think about each link in electronics industry ecosystem and see if there is a suitable position for you? From electronic engineer to marketing, from electronic engineer to management, from electronic engineer to production and quality management... These are paths. Several high school students have switched from market to foreign markets, traveled to Bangladesh and Russia, and one of them even became a regional marketing manager. Switching to control is easiest way to come up with, but it's often impossible to find, and there are too many monks and too little porridge. There are many more ways to change careers as an electronic engineer and you need to choose according to your own and industry conditions. 11. What is trend in electronics industry

Computers, automobiles, household appliances, communications, industry, transportation, aviation, multimedia, audio and video, medicine, power supply, microelectronics, every industry is becoming intelligent, networking, wireless miniaturization. miniaturization. In every industry, there are many top notch outstanding companies with core competitiveness and extremely profitable. Focus on industry for several years, and master industry's core technology, your future prospects will be broader. 12. What is trend of electronic technology

Five eras of electronic technology have arrived: era of wireless communication, era of FPGA, era of Linux, era of smartphones, era of audio-video. Master one technical moment in any hot area, you are beautiful. For many years you will not be afraid of being eliminated. One of my college classmates focused on audio after graduating, and now he's made some headway.

Perception of a ten-year-old workplace of an old electronics engineer

13. What are root causes of electronic engineering failure?

The real reason for a bad life and a weak life: besides genetics, bad character, laziness, wrong direction, wrong method, lack of perseverance and fear of change. When rage comes, and luck leaves, think about whether you have a cancerous personality? Everyone needs to create a social support system: have two or three friends or family members to talk to, people who strive for excellence learn to value themselves, tolerate others and lower their standards, and they will be much happier in life. ; easy Negative people will have a lot more fun if they learn to switch between gains and losses. Life is tedious, there are few people to survive, and most people to compare. No life is complete, everyone is missing something. There are couples in love with a monthly income of hundreds of thousands, but without children, empty. Everyone's life is marked by God with a gap, you don't want it, but it follows you everywhere. I used to hate lack in my life, but now I can easily accept it. Because I understand that gap in life is like a thorn in back, always reminding us to be humble, understand compassion and have a simple heart. 14. How to get more wealth and what is channel

Foul is looking for gaps in rules. Generally speaking, if you have some technical background and good all-round ability, changing jobs is quickest way to increase your salary; after you have a certain amount of initial savings, increase income and reduce expenses, save money by cheating, selling services, products and ideas and make money with money Engage in investments, look for opportunities to make money in cracks of electronic industry. People are trapped from birth, falling into a variety of rules such as love, work, shopping malls, officialdom... Faced with illusion of life, everyone wants to break free when they are awake. sinking deeper! Intangible, material, visible, invisible, all rules! There are many opportunities in electronics industry, depending on whether you can find gaps in rules; with a deeper understanding of society, you will find that there are many channels to get rich. We can fail ten times and a hundred times, we only need to succeed once, this life can be enough, we need to persevere until we can succeed.