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Practical Skills: Explain steps of circuit board puzzle in detail.


As name suggests, so-called puzzle is all about putting several boards together, so why are you putting them together to ship? What are benefits of shipping a jigsaw?

Basically it's 2 points:

1. Because some PCBs are too small, it is inconvenient to produce, it takes a long time, and production efficiency is low;

2. For irregularly shaped PCBs, if shipped as a single piece, base material will be wasted, and jigsaw board can reduce base material waste;

Generally speaking, PCBs can save production time, improve production efficiency, reduce PCB waste and reduce costs, so in many cases we can choose to ship PCBs.

The image below shows board we want to use as an example. Dimensions are 75.18mm x 30.23mm. Later we will draw a 2x2 PCB array on a new PCB drawing.

2. Use New from template PCB Hoard Wizard in File panel to create a 160mm x 65mm rectangular PCB with two signal layers, no circuit layer, and a through hole.

Third, use wizard to create board as follows. And save it in current project.

4, Execute PlaceEmbedded Board Array. Enter length and width in Embedded B0ard Array window. As a rule, this parameter is slightly larger than actual size of board, and there are no strict rules. . Because later we will put some marks on board, for example, V-CUT and so on. Import PCB file to assemble to array board in PCB Document; enter number of vertical PCB arrays in Column Count field and enter number of horizontal PCB arrays in Row Count field.

5. After setting above parameters, click OK, place array board on generation B diagram, and adjust position so that it is exactly in middle. And move PCB origin to array board origin.

6 We then go into Layer Color Manager and change name of Mechanical2 to Route Culter Tool Layer. The line drawn on this layer is defined as line to be milled through PCB using milling cutter: Rename Mechanical2 to FabNotes. The lines drawn on this layer are defined as tracks to be cut from V-groove (V -GROOVE) on PCB.

Seven, draw Route Cutter Tool layer traces and FabNozes traces we need on PCB array board. We want these traces to enable CAM drawing personnel to understand our specific needs and intentions. .

The routes of Route Culler Tool layer and FabNotes traces that we have drawn in figure are for convenience so that CAM personnel of PCB processing plant know details of our processing. Actual communication shall prevail. The figure below shows array board with wiring details drawn.

VIII. The next thing to do is convert PCB array board to a GERBER diagram. The specific workflow will not be described in detail here.

It should be noted that once GERBER is shipped to factory, it is still necessary to communicate in detail with factory's technical staff to avoid loss due to communication errors.